Landers Superstore Alabang West

Monday, April 02, 2018

     Everyone got cray cray with the opening of Landers Superstore's fourth branch in Alabang West. Southern peeps were so excited because of the 50% off membership promo, the buy one get one sale, huge discounts on select items, and the one-of-a-kind shopping experience from the fastest growing membership shopping superstore in the country,

     I've been to Landers for a handful of times now and every visit is a blissful shopping experience. I love the well-lit aisles and vast spaces, the top-notch imported goods such as Italian Gelato, Badia spices, imported chocolates, and lifestyle products that are easy on the budget and cannot be found anywhere else. The private opening was a blast! Sharing the highlights and my finds at Landers Superstore Alabang below :)

Landers Superstore Alabang West

What's in store for you at Landers Superstore Alabang West?

1. Affordable Membership Fee

     Become a Landers member now and avail of its membership promo of 50% off until April 30, 2017. Applicable to new membership and renewal which allows you to get the premium membership card for only P400. The membership card is regularly priced at P800. This membership card will be honored at all Landers Superstore. 

Landers Superstore Alabang West
Yasss! Renewed my membership card :)

2. Hassle-free Shopping

     Well-lit aisle and vast-spaced means no bumping of shopping carts unless there's a sale, well that's understandable. Hahaha!

Landers Superstore Alabang West
All about laundry!

3. Amazing OFFERS- discounts, deals, and promotions

     The opening of Landers Superstore Alabang West was a total blast. The store went all out when they announced that there's a huge discount like buy one take one, mix and match, 30, 40, or 50% off, and the buy one get one item for free. Here are the great deals I saw that day:

Landers Superstore Alabang West
This item sells like a hot cake that day, whew!!!

Landers Superstore Alabang West
Bathroom and Summer essentials

Landers Superstore Alabang West
Cookware and dinner set for 50% off

4. Imported and Exclusive Brands

     So this is the part where I began searching and exploring what this branch has to offer. I don't have a list with me during the event and we had a shopping spree. I had a hard time shopping, my mind was swirling as I want to take them all home! I saw a wide array of imported goods not found in any other retail outlets or supermarkets and this is why I highly recommend Landers if you're up for unique goods at reasonable price. Sharing some of my discoveries below. Take note that sale prices were offered during their opening super sale last March 14-18,2018.

Landers Superstore Alabang West
One of my favorite aisles :)

     Badia Spice- name all the spices that you have in mind and I'm sure you'll find this brand. I'm intrigued with Pink Himalayan Salt for the longest time now and glad that I got one from Badia. Regular Price- P219.75 Sale Price- P139.75

Landers Superstore Alabang West
Badia Pink Himalayan Salt

     I'm a coffee addict and if the situation permits, I'll try all the coffee brands and variants available. This one is what you really, really, have to get at Landers if you want an instant and yummy coffee fix- Dunkin Donut Iced Espresso Regular Price- P148.75 Sale Price- P133.75

Landers Superstore Alabang West
Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee!!!

     More unique finds here where I saw mostly chocolates but I also scored our favorite shampoos on a buy 1 take 1 offer :)

Landers Superstore Alabang West
Add crunch to your favorite chocolate spread with Ovomaltine

Landers Superstore Alabang West
Hot chocolate lovers, unite!!! Nestle Carnation assorted flavors :)

Landers Superstore Alabang West
One of my favorite pasalubongs from Saudi Arabia, now in the Philippines

Landers Superstore Alabang West
My son's HG shampoo for years now

Landers Superstore Alabang West
My favorite shampoo brand now with Marula Oil

5. Shop, Dine, and Sip

     Did you know that shopping burns calories? Good thing that there's Landers Central a diner where you can have a satisfying meal. Choose from pizza, pasta, fries, and my favorite- their fried chicken!

Landers Superstore Alabang West
Dine in from 9:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m at Landers Central

     You can also take a sip of your favorite caffeine fix at Doppio, a cozy coffee shop. The offer hot and cold drinks that are affordable. My default order is their iced mocha.

Landers Superstore Alabang West
Coffee and cake, anyone?!

     Craving for a sweet treat? Dough & Co. Bakery is the answer. They offer freshly baked pastries every day. My favorite is their chocolate chip muffin but when I saw a new offering at Landers Alabang West, it became an instant fave because- apple pie!!!

Landers Superstore Alabang West
Old-fashioned Legend Apple Pie that you should not miss when you visit Landers

6. Pamper Time!

     Free haircut with shampoo and blow-dry, anyone? Yes, it is exclusive to all members! All you have to do is present an official receipt of Landers Store of any amount to avail the free service. Yay!!! But wait there's more if you want to have the ultimate pamper sesh, there are other services offered do hair art, hair coloring, shave and trim, and 15-minute and 30-minute massages.

Landers Superstore Alabang West
Federal Barber for your grooming needs while shopping

7. Gas Up

     Landers Superstore offers discounts for members who wish to fill up their tank because they have their own Caltex gasoline station. Enjoy P2 off per liter of Gasoline and P1.50 per liter of Diesel.

     I'll visit Landers Superstore this week and will show you more of the products that I hope still on sale. Don't forget to watch my Instagram stories @dearkittykittiekath to see what's in store for you :) Shop at Landers’ fourth superstore located along Daang Hari Road, Almanza Dos, Las Piñas City.

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  1. Grabe cart mo momsh! Punong puno! Ang saya ng mga sale nila! Sarap mamili dyan pag stress ka, siguro tanggal ang stress after, nga lang butas ang bulsa. 😂

    1. Hi Arselyn,

      Naki-cart lang ako kay Rochelle :) Hahaha! Konti lang binile ko kasi babalik naman ako.


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