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Sunday, December 17, 2017

     I have a big family that's why when we have celebrations or gatherings at home, preparing home cooked meals are not easy. Imagine cooking for more than 10 persons who also have big appetites. It's stressful and a mess and we learned a lot from that old way of preparing meals so instead of cooking, we resort to ready-made and cooked viands.

     We have default favorites like spaghetti, fried chicken, barbeque, and pizza. Speaking of pizza, we always order three or more boxes every occasion but there were times that we ran out of budget because we allocated all for the pizza not until we discovered something BIG! Meet, Big Guys! Pizza.

Big Guys! Pizza 

Big Guys! Pizza History

     Big Guys! Pizza was founded in 2010 and offers the biggest and most affordable, over-sized Pizza in the Philippines. When their founder hosted a pizza birthday party for his friends, he ordered several boxes of pizza and got shocked when he saw the bill. That's when the idea came - why not invent a giant pizza?

Big Guys! Pizza 
Big Guys! Pizza Menu and Holiday Feast Promo

     Filipinos love to celebrate different occasions in their lives and they celebrate it by one thing EATING! When there's food, there's a celebration and sharing for everyone!And so, came Big Guys! Pizza. Mission: To Serve our Filipino Needs. 

Big Guys! Pizza 
The birthday celebrant with her momma and the humongous pizza 

Big Guys! Pizza for the Holidays
  • Not only is it perfect for gatherings, celebrations, parties, but it is also very affordable. 
  • The signature 36-inch pie can feed up to 20 people and have at least 70+ slices in it. 
  • The 36 pies cost a little over P1,000.
  • There are also other pies in 10-, 15- and 20-inch diameters. 
  • Best-selling flavors include Big Guys Specialty (12 flavors divided into one 36” Pizza), All Meat, Super Supreme, Italian Supreme and Big Gal.
  • Big Guys! Pizza currently has 14 branches across Metro Manila and will soon expand all over the Philippines. 

Big Guys! Pizza
We love pizza!!!

     We had the Big Guys Specialty (12 flavors divided into one 36” Pizza) last Sunday during the celebration of my niece's birthday. My son is a pizza lover and was amazed when he saw how big the pizza box upon delivery. He immediately opened the box and dig in. He recommends ham and cheese flavor! This holiday season, lessen the hassles and stress it brings. Sit back and relax and let Big Guys! Pizza serve your family with delicious and affordable pizza at home.

Have you tried Big Guys! Pizza?

To know more about Big Guys! Pizza Philippines
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