Product Review: Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil

Sunday, January 12, 2014

     Are you afraid of using oils on your face and body? I guess the answer would be yes and no. We are all afraid of bad oils inside our system because we all know that fats and cholesterol can cause serious illnesses that may lead to death. But fret not because our topic today is about beauty oils :) It's not fatal and it does only good for our skin. Have you tried using beauty oils in your face and body? If yes, I'm sure you've encountered not only one but more than two kinds of beauty oils in the market today. I'm not new to oils because I've tried more than three so far- sunflower, emu and argan oil. From my experience, these three oils are very effective in addressing certain skin  and hair problems that's why I'm very excited to try other kinds of beauty oils because I believe that it can make wonders not only for a certain part of the body but from head to toe!

     Today, let me introduce you to another miracle oil in a bottle. The Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil. This product contains not only one beautifying oil but three oils that can  heal and prevent skin problems- moringa, olive and sunflower oil! We all know that moringa/malunggay oil has a lot of skin care benefits, add olive and sunflower oil that's also known to aid skin ailments with regular use. 

      If you're still skeptical in using beautifying oils in your skin and body here's an excerpt from Ashton Kaidi, MD, co-founder of Marula: The Leakey Collection. "Oils are essential to your skin’s health because they keep your outer protective layer of skin cells together, making you look younger while protecting against future damage,”

      So without further ado, here's my honest to goodness review of the product. I'm also proud to tell you that I let my sister use this oil as treatment for hair fall and she swears that it's effective after three consecutive use. As for my observations, click CONTINUE READING to find out!
Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil is a rare blend of oils from moringa (malunggay), olive and omega (sunflower) oils. These three powerful oils are very rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are natural cleansers, have high emollient properties and are all naturally antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Together, they cover a wide spectrum of benefits rooted in nature providing a healthier, gentler, and more skin-hair-scalp-compatible from babies to more mature individuals.
          Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil is a miracle in a bottle! The moment I received my package from Sample Room containing products from Moringa-O2, my eyes were laid on this therapy oil. I like that the packaging is loaded with product information and yes that's very helpful for consumers who like scrutinizing each ingredients before using the product. Here's the product literature written on the box:
Hair and Scalp:

Scalp care is the basis of healthy, strong and thick hair. The many vitamins and minerals: Vitamins A, B Complex, C, E, Squalene and anti-oxidants of Moringa-O2 give a healthy and moisturized scalp. It helps minimize dandruff, falling hair; reduce brittle hair and promotes hair growth.

Moringa-O2′s Oil is deep cleansing yet it lubricates and protects, smoothens and boost radiance, minimize wrinkles. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties help address minor skin complaints such as cuts, bruises, burns, insect bites, rashes. It also helps minimize pimples, acne, blackheads, whiteheads and minimizes pores. It helps relieve irritated and itchy skin and it is light and spreads easily.
Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil
This product claims to:

Hair and Scalp:
  • Softens and gives shine to hair
  • Helps reduce hair loss
  • Helps promote hair growth
  • Helps reduce dandruff
  • Helps soothe itchy/irritated scalp
Face and Body:
  • Deeply moisturizing and absorbs quickly
  • Helps control very dry and rough conditions on skin, lips, hands, cuticles and cracked heels
  • Helps control pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and acne
  • Helps in minimizing wrinkles
  • Helps in pore reduction
  • Helps relieve insect bites and rashes
  • Helps reduce stretch marks and minor scars
Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil
size: 30ml

price: 99 php (Around $2.20+)

place bought: Free
Available in leading supermarkets, department stores and drugstores nationwide.

Nationwide: Watsons, SM Supermarkets, SM Savemore, SM Hypermarkets, Robinson’s Department Store GMA: Landmark Supermarket, Cherry Foodarama, Liana’s Supermarket, Sta. Lucia South Luzon: Citimart Visayas: Alturas Supermarket, Colonnade Supermarket, Fooda

instructions for use:
Hair and Scalp- Massage oil onto scalp and hair (until strand ends). for best results, wrap hair in a warm towel or a shower cap for at least 30 minutes while waiting for the oils to be absorbed into the scalp, hair follicles and roots. Shampoo and condition hair afterwards. Use at least twice a week, more as needed. For extra shine or frizz control coat, rub a drop (or two) of oil on palm and lightly brush palms over hair.
Face and Neck- Massage oil on the face and neck. Best to apply when the skin is damp or warm after showering in the morning and in the evening for better absorption. Use twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. With regular use, skin feels softer and is visibly smoother and radiant.
Body, Hand and Foot Care- Massage oil on targeted area until it is fully absorbed. It is best when applied on damp or warm targeted area after showering or washing, use gloves on hands and socks on feet. The oil can be applied as frequently as needed. With regular use, skin feels softer and smoother.

ingredients: Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Husk Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil
Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil
it has a semi-thick consistency
What I like:
  • The price! cheap- just 99php pesos for a 30ml bottle. 
  • A little amount goes a long way.
  • Travel friendly bottle.
  • Multipurpose- can be use from head to toe!
  • The scent is okay, unlike the pure sunflower oil that smells like cooking oil.
  • I've tried it as facial moisturizer and it works like emu oil.
  • Relieves itchy scalp and made my hair shiny.
  • I use this on my stretchmarks and it lessened the dryness and somewhat lightened the part where I always apply it.
  • My sister said that her hair fall has lessened after three uses. She use the product as hot oil treatment.
  • Doesn't make my hair feel heavy and greasy.
  • Doesn't make my skin look oily and greasy.
  • Expiry date is stamped on the bottle.
  • Easily accessible.
What I don't like:
  • None
Will I repurchase?: YES!

     I give this a 5/5 rating. It's a miracle oil in a bottle. The powerful combination of three oils makes it very effective in addressing problems from head to toe! I'm happy that this product was available in the market today because beauty oils are saviors! 

      Have you tried beauty oils before? What's your favorite? Thanks for sharing!

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  1. I was eyeing this too at Sample Room, and as usual, hindi ako umabot. Haha! I've tried sunflower, grapeseed, and argan oil and all three did wonders for my skin and hair. Argan would have to be my most favorite, my only gripe is that it's also the most expensive. Lol. ;)

  2. i am actually a reader of product reviews. good thing, i have read your entry about moringa. will try this one!

  3. i actually need something like this for my hair!

  4. Nice review, I would like to get this at sample room but they already run out of it... It's nice that it's just cheap. ^_^

  5. Interesting. When it comes to oil for my hair and skin I prefer Argan Oil talaga but this can also be a cheaper alternative pala no? :)


  6. I need something like herbal oil for my it for both men and women?

  7. Wow seems like this product is worth buying! I'll buy it one of these days :D

  8. I've used this before when my BF has an allergy and it worked! Never tried it yet on my hair and its other uses but I'm pretty amazed! :)

  9. @Czjai Reyes-Ocampo- wow! pareho pala tayo. yan din ang gripe ko sa Argan, ang mahal talaga. Mabuti nga this product 3 oils na yung magkakasama.

    @Sef Tiburcio- yay! thanks for dropping by and I hope you'll like it.

    @Nicol- You'll love this, great for hair too

    @Zwitsal Mae Yuson- It's cheap yes and effective dear :)

    @Gellie Abogado- Yup, a cheaper alternative. I'm a lover of Argan Oil na din mahal lang talaga :(

    @Debarpan- yes, it's good for both men and women.

    @Johanna Serrano- really worth the try. buy one and share us your experience about the product.

    @Genzel Kisses- thanks Gen for sharing your thoughts! It's nice to find a very effective product noh na hindi lang tayo yung nakaka kita pati na yung mga minsan mahirap paniwalain like the hubby or the bf!

  10. I'm actually curious about this product when I saw it on Sample Room, I even thought of getting it but decided not to because I'm hesitant of putting an oil to my hair. Now I'm thinking of trying it as I read your review. :)

  11. @Style and Glow- you should try this. It's not sticky and greasy, It's like you didn't put an oil to your hair unless your using it for hot oil where you need to massage a good amount on your hair and scalp but you'll be rinsing it anyway.

  12. Do you want to take in more about scalp treatment, then head off to Scalp treatment Delhi webpage on how one can select the top irritated scalp and dandruff for your needs and what it can accomplish for you.

  13. for real pwd mareduce ang stretch mark? mukhang kailangan ko ng itry ito,. all in one na sya hair, scalp & skin, malimit lang ako makakita ng product na ganyan,. kadalasanan kasi iba sa hair, iba sa scalp at iba sa skin,.
    mas makakatipid kung ito ang gagamitin,.

  14. @sheryl an mungcal- yup pede pero di ko pa natry. madami din ako stretch marks sa belly area. sulit kasi dami uses ng product na to :)

  15. I'm using this too but I find it a bit oily although lesser than baby oil and I can smell the sunflower oil in it kind of transfer to my clothes, but I still keep using it because it relieves the dryness of my skin :)

  16. @Arya De Guzman- I suggest that you use it at night and when you're at home to lessen all the hassles like when you're at work or outside the house. But if it's okay with you, you can apply it day or night naman.

  17. I have consumed one bottle already. I use it as a moisturizer at night but i was disappointed when i used it as hair treatment. Nagkahair fall ako and it was itchy sa scalp. Nakakalambot ng soles ng feet. Makakatipid ka sa foot spa BUT to get it soft kailangan nakasocks ka sa gabi. Thanks for writing a review on this product. Very helpful sa mga tao na curious whether or not to purchase a bottle of this wonder oil! More power to ur blog!

  18. Hello, is this product safe for pregnant woman? Wanna use this to control my acne and am 6mos.prego!

  19. Hi! I just bought this product today and I have been reading good reviews about it. I was just wondering, if I use this product as my moisturizer, would it be okay if I put make up afterwards? Thanks and more power to your blog!

    1. Hi Janina,

      Yes, you can use it as moisturizer pero put a little amount lang since oil sya talaga. I haven't tried it though sa face.

  20. ive been using it for a week now, lakasan lang ng loob kasi sensitive ang skin ko and very oily pa. tapos prone pa sa pimples. pero moringa kasi kaya nahikayat ako hehe. and i have no regrets. no pimples whatsoever actually natuyo pa nga yung malaking pimple sa chin ko. pati pores ko nag minimize i swear . sana noon pa to naimbento hindi na sana naging rough road ang fez ko haaaist . pero yep this is one good product. i use it from head to toe :)

    1. Hello,

      Thank you so much for sharin your experience, good to know hiyang ka sa product and nagustuhan mo.

  21. How often does your sister use this therapy oil?

    1. Hi Dannica,

      After finishing a bottle only. She's not using this right now na.

  22. Ven Leonardo GuintoMarch 5, 2016 at 9:12 AM

    I have hair loss.. Can this product help treat bald spots? How many months does this can grow hair back?

    1. Hi Ven,

      Not sure on hair loss though. During the time my sister is using this, it just lessened her hair fall.

    2. It says that it can treat hair loss and maker hair grow back on bald spots?

  23. I really recommend this one guys. miracle in a bottle tlga. all in one. im using it on my hair, and it really smoothens. just don't put too much ha. then sa face as a moisturizer. I even use it as a lotion! un lng, mejo mahal sya for me kse eto n tlga ginagamit ko sa lahat kya mbilis maubos skin.. but its really worth. u should try it.

    1. Hi Jane,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm glad na madami uses sayo and maganda results.

  24. Thanks for this review! Is the serum also effective for growing eyelashes and eyebrows? 😊

  25. Replies
    1. Hi Melissa,

      No. This is not intended for varicose veins dear.

  26. Gamit ko rin to eh at maganda siya sa hair...ginawa ko rin siyang moizturizing sa skin ko kasi dry yung skin ko at maganda effect sakin i love this product..

    1. Hi Lyn,

      Glad you like this and thanks for sharing your experience.

  27. Is it safe to be used by pregnant women on their stretch marks? will there be side effects?

    1. Hi changma,

      I guess it's safe since it's made of natural ingredients. I can't tell you if they're 100% safe. I only used it for my hair kasi. No experience on stretchmarks.


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