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Thursday, April 5, 2012

      It's freaking hot outside. My son is craving for ice cream even though He's still suffering from coughs and colds, I bought a small cup of vanilla ice cream to satisfy him. I saw posters of the overrated Magnum ice cream every convenience store we passed by. I already tasted this Magnum ice cream and I think this is just your regular "pinipig ice cream". For me, nothing really special about it. 

     So when I was about to buy something for myself, I saw this ice cream bar. I don't know the brand because almost all of the text where written in Korean. I'll just call it Coffee Flavored ice cream bar. 

     It's like Magnum, with coffee flavored shell that cracks when you bite 'em and coffee flavored creamy ice cream inside. Not too sweet, just perfect for my taste. It's 30 pesos only, 20 or 30 pesos cheaper than the overpriced Magnum ice cream depending on where you buy it. The only downside of this is the availability. I know some convenience store doesn't sell this brand of ice cream. 

     What's your plan this weekend? Stay cool and be safe, ayt? 

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  1. I guess it's better than Magnum. I still don't get the Magnum hype in the Philippines. :p

  2. wow, it would seem that's hard to find. But as of the moment, I'm craving for an ice cream too. I hope there are convenient stores that are open at this time.

    Magnum, is very overrated. Palibahasa na over-sensationalize sa 'net. But I must admit na okay naman siya as an ice cream. Sobra lang talaga yung pagkakaembrace sknya as a new commodity. :)

  3. @AV- thanks for dropping by :) Siguro dahil na din sa ambassador ng ice cream variant na to kaya ganun na lang yung hype. I heard they're showbiz personalities but haven't seen one.

    @Love Love- Thanks for dropping by, Very well said:)

  4. I've tried magnum before and it wasn't that great. Kuddos to their marketing strategy though, it almost made me want to go out and buy one. Almost. :)

  5. I still love Magnum. The ice cream is normal but the chocolate, wow! :)

  6. I want to try this! :D Pero parang wala atang ganitong ice cream bar samen.. >.<

  7. @Sumi- try mo na sis, yun lang mahirap talaga maghanap. If you know a Korean store, siguro meron dun.


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