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Friday, November 14, 2014

     Prom has been one of the sought after events in a student’s life. Not only will you get to spend the night with your closest friends, you also get to dress up to look your best and have the chance to be awarded as the most beautiful girl in your class. Of course, picking the perfect prom dress becomes crucial with this. Since your dress is the first thing that people would surely first notice in you, it could definitely make or break your entire look. Thus, here are some useful tips on picking the right dress for you:

1. Find a style that matches your body type

- Before anything else, find a style that would go well with your body type. It is important that you look for a style that would highlight all your curves and conceal anything that needs concealing. For those who have broad shoulders, a nice halter style would definitely help you minimize such. Girls with short legs could make them appear longer by wearing a mini dress. Those with an hourglass shape could go all out with a hip hugging gown.
2. Choose a color that goes well with your skin tone

- Generally, black prom dresses goes well with anyone. Nevertheless, if you would want to experiment with colors, you should find a shade that would look great on you (i.e. won’t make you look pale). Long red prom dresses could be your choice if you want to appear elegant and fierce. With just the right amount of confidence, it also goes well with anyone.
3. Make sure that the dress fits you well 

- Finding the perfect style and shade would be worthless if the dress does not fit. Looking for a dress that would fit you well is important since you would just want to feel comfortable all night long. 

     Finding the perfect dress is now made easy by They’ve got different styles and colors to choose from so that you could arrive with the dream gown. Also, you could customize your size so that your dress would definitely fit you well. Whether it is prom dresses following the fashion trend in 2015 you are looking for or simply an elegant gown that would surprise everyone, WeddingShe has it covered. For more details about WeddingShe, visit their website here:

What to Wear for Prom

Thursday, December 05, 2013

     Prom is one of the most-awaited events during your teenage years. You wouldn’t want to waste that event, right? We all wanted to look stunningly gorgeous and pretty with our outfit. But the question is, where will we find that perfect dress? The good news is and offers stunning dresses that can make us look shining, shimmering and splendid! Yummy!!!

     It’s so nice, right? I can’t wait to wear this to Prom! It’s simple but it will definitely make you look more gorgeous. If you also want to check some accessories to match with this dress check out here. 

    Now that you’ve found a perfect dress, shoes and accessories… it’s time for some tips about your complete look which includes make-up.
  • Choose a foundation that matches and compliments to the tone and texture of your skin. Don’t choose something that is too light or dark for you.
  • Don’t forget to apply a blush on your cheeks for a rosy glow.
  • Curl your lashes and give at least two coats of mascara for length and fullness. 
  • Maintain a fresh look for your lippies.
  •  And lastly, Smile. You are not fully dressed unless you wear one. It’s absolutely free and it’s one of the best things that every girl should wear. 

     I think you’re all set and ready to go! Just don’t forget to have fun and look fabulous on your prom night. Make every moment memorable and special. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, relax and make the most out of it.

     For more info about prom dresses, visit


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