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SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2017

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

     The month of July marks the celebration of International Lipstick Month and lipstick addicts together with beauty junkies will once again unite to celebrate the confidence that a single swipe of lipstick can give.

     This year also marks the 3rd run of The Store Beauty Section in celebrating International Lipstick Day on July 29. More details of this exciting beauty fest that beauty addicts should not miss!!!

SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2017

SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

     So how many lipsticks you have in your makeup stash? Three, five, ten, or more? I will assume that you have more than five because I agree that a girl really can never have too many lipsticks! We always want to have all the shades, the latest shades perhaps, the cutest and most sleek bullet, the budget-friendly ones, and so on and so forth.All girls will agree that once we get our hands on our first lipsticks, there's no stopping us from buying one tube to another. This is the most basic makeup that we have in our kit and it's a no brainer how to apply it. 

     Can I say that our generation is blessed because there are so many lipstick formulas in the market today- from tinted lip balm to glosses, lipsticks, mattes, and liquid formulas? We have so many options and did you know that a lip product's transformative power can be confidence booster or an artful expression? A swipe of one lip product can harness a presence that helps empower the modern Filipina. To make a long introduction short, I have great news to all lipstick lovers out there- The SM Beauty's Lipstick Fest Celebration Year 2. More reasons why you should not miss this below :)

2nd SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2016 
     SM Beauty wants to join every Filipinas journey of discovering the many different possibilities of lipstick! Like what I've mentioned above, lip products come in many forms and shades unlike before that we only have limited options. What are your favorite shades?

1. There nudes and pinks, for chill weekends and classic looks. If you're looking for a high-end brand, there's Guerlain. Look at the tubes below, they have a wide array of nudes and pinks!

2nd SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2016 
Guerlain Kiss Kiss

2. Red and purples for those days that you need to own the room and make a statement. Red lipsticks make a powerful statement, some girls can sport red lipstick alone. If you're afraid that shades of red and purples will make you look snob, it's a big NO! Look at those lip lacquers below from Clinique. Pretty shades of red and purple for the win!

2nd SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2016 Clinique Pop™ Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer

3. The wild colors such as your blues and blacks, for days that you are feeling a bit rebellious and bold. Whatever the mood, we have the perfect shade for you—no matter what the day or occasion. OFRA offers lip products in wild shades in their liquid lipstick collections. They have blue and green shades, yay!

2nd SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2016 
     Aside from lipstick, the basics are important which help us achieve perfect puckers. You must include this in your beauty kit so that application of your favorite lipstick is always a breeze.

1. Lip balms keep dry pouts at bay by providing nutrients that replenish moisture while lip liners on the other hand, make sure your lip color stays put throughout the day.

2nd SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2016 

2. Lip shines and glosses for days where you feel like just a hint of color is enough for that day’s agenda.

2nd SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2016 
Lip Remedy and Lip Balms from Origins
     SM Beauty Lipstick Fest is a nationwide celebration and this year's participating brands are Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden, Shiseido, Max Factor, The Body Shop, Happy Skin, Sleek, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Covergirl, Flormar, Essence, Fashion 21, Features and Shades, LA Girl, NYX, Elf, Ever Bilena, Nichido, and more!

2nd SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2016 
     The kick-off of Sm Beauty Lipstick Fest 2016 happened last July 29, 2016 at SM Makati. Lipstick lovers including media guests and selected bloggers had an exclusive shopping event. During the event, lipstick collectors and newbies were treated to tons of discounts and freebies too. Look what happened to one of the kiosks, everyone's going cray cray to get hold of their favorite lip products.

2nd SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2016 
     To help all shoppers appreciate the many wonders of lipstick, SM Beauty offers FREE Makeover & Lip-Art Service this month. Using products available in the store, the expert beauty associates will assist you in harnessing the transformative power of lipstick!

2nd SM Beauty Lipstick Fest 2016 
     You still have a month more to go to experience, shop, and hoard all the lip products in your wish list. Head over to all SM Beauty sections and avail of discounts, freebies, and other promos when you hoard buy your lip products. There are so many choices so be sure to look to what your lipstick loving heart desires!
I'm sure some of you already have hoarded your favorite lip products, share your haul below :)

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Product Review: Nekkid Beauty Manila Lip Scrub

Saturday, April 18, 2015

     Hi dearies! Blog's layout will go on a revamp next week and I want to surprise you with the layout I've chosen. This time I opt to go minimalist, clean with a bit of crisp. Anyhoo, since I'm talking about minimalist thing-y today, let me share with you a new brand of natural skin care product that was launched September last year- Nekkid Beauty Manila. This is the brainchild of Sabs Hernandez the blogger behind The Makeup Maven. NekkidSkin Bath & Skin Products is a skin care line with body scrubs made from imported natural ingredients that is guaranteed to give your skin overall wellness and good health. 

   When I received Nekkid Beauty Manila Lip Scrub and Nekkid Beauty Manila Nourishing Lip Balm, the first thing that I noticed was the packaging. So simple and clean! Then I saw the list of ingredients, very easy to understand. It's like what you see is what you get :) I'm so excited to share with you this review because as you all know I'm a sucker for anything organic and natural. Don't get me wrong if I say I'm in love with this lip scrub, there's a lot of things why you too should! Click CONTINUE READING to know more about Nekkid Beauty Manila Lip Scrub. And oh, there's a warning: You might want to eat our lip scrubs so try to restrain yourself.
Product Review: Nekkid Beauty Manila Lip Scrub

Product Review: Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub

Sunday, January 18, 2015

     Read my lips... dry, chapped and flaky! Blame it to the cold weather baby. Raise your hands if you also feel the same :( But don't worry, a heavy duty lip balm will help lessen dryness  your lips and a moisturizing lipstick will give a lovely color to your lips sans fine lines and flakes. Aside from what I mentioned above, a gentle yet effective way to wash off dead skin around your lips is by using a lip scrub.

     I've been suffering from dry and chapped lips since last month. I barely wear matte lipsticks these past few weeks. Good thing I have a lip scrub from Tony Moly that I got last October. How pretty the packaging right? To know more about Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub and my thoughts after using it for more than a month now, click CONTINUE READING dearies!
Product Review: Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub

Product Review: Natura Organics Cellular Radiance Powerful Lip Scrub

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

     Hello dearies! The weather is still chilly even though the sun's up high in the sky. I've been battling with dry skin and now this became serious when we went to Nuvali last Friday for my son's field trip. The wind there was very strong and it made my hands very dry. I was wondering if I got a windburn and when I checked it at home yes it is :( Not only that I felt my hands very rough and dry, my lips too suffered from wind burn. 

     The solution to dry and chapped lips are lip therapy treatments or heavy duty lip balms but there's another solution that will slough off dead skin cells on the lips. It's a lip scrub! Fret not, I know you're thinking that scrubbing dry and chapped lips is painful but if you'll be using a lip scrub that contains very fine scrubbers, then think again! I'm very excited to introduce to you a lip scrub that doesn't only exfoliate lips but can make it look healthier, rosy and plumper! I've been using this Cellular Radiance Powerful Lip Scrub from Natura Organics even before I experienced wind burn. I guess it's time to say my thoughts on this amazing product. I never thought that lip scrub will be a life saver and a lipstick buddy. So without further ado, here's my honest to goodness review of Natura Organics Cellular Radiance Powerful Lip Scrub. Click CONTINUE READING and smile :)
Natura Organics Powerful Lip Scrub
This buttery-emollient is a powerful lip plumper and moisturizer retrieved from the fruit of African Shea trees and Apple Stem Cell, and celebrated worldwide for encouraging cellular renewal and repair. Shea butter is wonderfully softening, soothing and comforting to your lips, protects lips from UV rays, against dryness and weather damage, formulated to replenish and revitalize the appearance of lips from dawn til dusk.


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