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Tips to Conquer Your Fortune this 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017

     I noticed that Filipinos are fond of predicting their fortune every year.The year of the boisterous monkey is about to end, and people are only too happy to bid it farewell. In its place, the Fire Rooster comes speeding in, setting its track ablaze with fortunes waiting to be claimed. Chicken? Rooster? Not again. 

     You’re probably thinking that you’re in for a bad year. After all, in Filipino culture, the Rooster or the Chicken is considered a symbol of tight times. “Isang kahig, isang tuka” is only too familiar to kids who grew up with their grandparents. So before you write down 2017 on your forget list, know that the Rooster favors the hardworking and goal-oriented. It brings great success to those who can aim sharply as this zodiac animal. The rooster has no qualms about sharing a fortune. You only have to earn it with a rooster’s sure-footed steps.

Tips to Conquer Your Fortune this 2017


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