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Fun Theme Party Ideas for Your Summer Shindigs

Thursday, August 11, 2016

     Ahhh, summer … the season of endless days, pool and beach time, and cocktails with umbrellas in them. Is there anything better? We think not. And, while going out can be a blast, summer is a great time to throw a party in your own backyard. Think twinkle lights, a firepit, and s’mores. Oh, yeah! The only thing that’s better than a summer party is a themed summer party. Not that creative? We’ve got your back. Read this for fun theme party ideas for your summer shindigs. 
Fun Theme Party Ideas for Your Summer Shindigs 
Throw a Lovely Luau

     You don’t have to be Hawaiian to enjoy a good luau, and dressing for them is so easy and fun. A Tipsy Elves Hawaiian shirt is the order of the day, but don’t forget your lei. Of course, the plastic ones will do just fine in a pinch, or you could go above and beyond and make your own lei. Hawaiian clothing is nothing if not colorful, so ladies should plan on making a statement with their nails.

     As for food, just about anything goes. Don’t be painted into a corner by thinking you have to roast a pig on a spit. Besides, some people might not be too fond of seeing their favorite animal being roasted over the fire! A great option for appetizers could be teriyaki meatballs atop a slice of pineapple. Sweet and savory, they’ll satisfy the pickiest of palates. Pulled pork is another tried and true fave with a Hawaiian flair. Channel your inner-Martha Stewart and serve some cinnamon sugar cookies or set up a snow cone bar with your own snow cone maker.

Go Minute to Win It

     Remember the old game show? It may not be on anymore but plenty of people use it for inspiration for raucous parties. Your competitive friends will love quick but fun physical games that can be performed in your kitchen or your own backyard. From Suck It Up (kids love anything that involves M&Ms) and Mad Dog to Card Ninja and Sticky Situation, Minute to Win It gets everyone in on the shenanigans. Of course, there’s no themed attire for this kind of party, but you do probably want to wear something that allows you to move easily. Still want to look cute? Girls, we totally get that. Try a sassy jumpsuit! 

Water Whimsy

     A pool party is just good, clean fun so, if you’re one of the lucky ones who own a pool, throw a shindig to remember. Go light on food (bites and apps are perfect for busy swimmers) and as cheeky as you want on cocktails (think drinks served in coconuts!). Of course, safety is always first, so make sure you don’t invite too many guests that it gets chaotic, watch the alcoholic drinking, and make sure to have a First Aid kit on hand.

     No pool? No problem! Raid the water aisle at Target and pick up a bunch of super soakers and water balloons and let the kids go crazy. Rewind the clock to the 1970s and put up the sprinkler! Throw out a Wham-O slip ‘n’ slide and load it up with bubbles. You can even blow up a kiddie pool for the wee ones. Blow your kids’ minds with this super fun water balloon piƱata. The ideas for whimsical water fun are really endless, and the perfect way to beat the scorching summer heat. 

Incite Movie Mania

     If you have a projector, you can do this on your own. If not, there are plenty of companies that will bring their inflatable movie screens to your backyard for the event. They’ll often even bring a popcorn maker to create the authentic movie feel we all love. Have kids bring their sleeping bags and/or chairs. Or make it an adult-only event, complete with blankets, picnic baskets, a good comedy or Rom/Com, and everyone’s favorite bottle of wine. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a movie under the stars. 

     Take your party from ordinary to extraordinary by following these summer theme party ideas.

Flotsam The Movie Press Launch

Saturday, October 17, 2015

     What if you're in 1 surf town, seeing 8 love stories, and have heard 10 original song? Then you're in FLOTSAM! Last September 30, I was invited to the press launch of this unique movie starring Solenn Heussaff and Rocco Nacino. The launch was held at 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub, Century City Mall. 

     I'm sure by now you have no idea about FLOTSAM. Well, this movie is inspired from the lifestyle of surfers here in our country. “Flotsam is the first film I shot and directed myself. It was one of those materials that I wanted to hold really close to my chest and be hands-on from writing to shooting all the way to the very end. I wanted to hold the camera all the time, even all the handheld, even the water scenes, I wanted to shoot everything. It was the only way I knew how,” narrates the director-Jay Abello IV on his personal blog. Are you intrigued with this movie that will be showing in theaters two weeks from now? Scroll down to see the characters, no teasers promise :)
Flotsam The Movie
     With charm, wit, and clever twists, not to mention a terrific pair of leads, Flotsam is this year’s maindie love anthology—8 (interweaving) love stories, offering something relatable for everyone.

     A film named after a quaint artist beach hotel in San Juan, La Union, the story unfolds when a work-obsessed overachiever Kai (Solenn Heussaff) arrives in an Elysian Surf Town to run away from a volatile relationship. Kai hides at Flotsam where she meets Tisoy (Rocco Nacino), a very mysterious local bartender who became her summer fling and perfect antidote to restiveness. It contains about a dozen more characters who are in love – that’s however an approximate figure because some of them fall out of love while others double up or change partners. Each interleaving with the other in a grid of foreshadowing and disquiet.
Flotsam The Movie
One of the lead stars, Solenn plays Kai in the movie
     The poetic keynote to the film comes from one of the child actors’ examination about that ‘goddamn love’ the adults are talking about, to which Tisoy explained, “Ang love, walang libro diyan… Kailangan subukan.”
Flotsam The Movie
     With Flotsam, filmmaker and writer Jay Abello establishes himself as one of the most exciting and distinctive directors around. His new film contains sweeping visual style, while the dialogues deliver a jolt to your consciousness. While most of its mainstream counterparts would go for just gloss and shine, Abello gunned for simple and heartwarming attack.

     Right from the opening credits, Flotsam endears itself with scenic views of La Union – the northern sun, beach, waves, magnificent falls, and of course, chicks in bikinis! The intrepid traveler cum film buffs are granted much more to explore.
Flotsam the Movie
Carla can sing!
     The film also gathers around live music, originally written for the film by Eraserheads guitarist, Surfernando Marcus Adoro, and Flotsam Folk Yeah! Family Band, Mia Sebastian & Kiddo Cosio. The songs were not only sung live, but also recorded real-time in true jamming sessions to reflect the real musicality of the place.
Flotsam the Movie
Julia Quisumbing
     The cast also lends their musical talents to further complement the funksexy deephouse and alternative music of the film. During the press launch, the characters sang one of the 
Flotsam the Movie
The cast of characters singing 'La Union'
     The actors, the soundtrack, and the location have proven to be pretty potent. The product is a love story as real as it gets. Showing this November 4 in cinemas nationwide.

Check out the teaser trailer here:
Like them on Facebook: flotsamandjetsamhostel

Good Times!~

Press Release: Thousands Joined the Summer Siren Festival

Sunday, April 27, 2014

      Summer 2014 is full of fun and surprises! I've seen different summer concerts, parties and activities that made me feel excited for my summer vacation. There's a lot of things to do aside from swimming and bonfire. I wasn't able to attend the Summer Siren Festival and I envy those who were there and witnessed one of the grandest summer party organized by I'm sure everyone who joined will never forget the festival because just by looking at the photos I can say they really had a blast! Please comment below and share your experience if you joined this festival. Click CONTINUE READING to see more photos of the event.
Press Release: Thousands of Joined the Summer Siren Festival


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