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Jing Monis' Holidays with the Press 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016

     Christmas parties and reunions are happening here, there, and almost everywhere. Are you ready to show off your holiday look? For girls, prepping for parties can be stressful because it's not only what to wear that we are thinking because we also want to look good from head to toe.

     Speaking of head to toe, holidays is also the time where it's okay to have your hair colored and styled according to what you've been dreaming off. If you want to have a new hair color- mermaid hair, ombre, purple, red, etc, then give yourself a treat! But for this, you need to go to a reputable salon for that #hairgoals peg. I've been dreaming of ash brown hair for the longest time and by the first week of December, I've finally achieved that hair color with Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis Salon. A short story of my first Jing Monis' Holidays with the Press 2016 experience below :)

Jing Monis' Holidays with the Press 2016


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