Jing Monis' Holidays with the Press 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016

     Christmas parties and reunions are happening here, there, and almost everywhere. Are you ready to show off your holiday look? For girls, prepping for parties can be stressful because it's not only what to wear that we are thinking because we also want to look good from head to toe.

     Speaking of head to toe, holidays is also the time where it's okay to have your hair colored and styled according to what you've been dreaming off. If you want to have a new hair color- mermaid hair, ombre, purple, red, etc, then give yourself a treat! But for this, you need to go to a reputable salon for that #hairgoals peg. I've been dreaming of ash brown hair for the longest time and by the first week of December, I've finally achieved that hair color with Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis Salon. A short story of my first Jing Monis' Holidays with the Press 2016 experience below :)

Jing Monis' Holidays with the Press 2016

Hair Philosophie

     Hair Philosophie was born because they longed for a place that can offer EXCELLENT HAIR CARE at affordable prices. They believe that professional hair care is essential because it is the most noticeable and permanent accessory of every person. According to their website, proper hair care can only be achieved through regular visits to the salon, however the high salon prices keeps people from coming back regularly and they wanted to change that and share their Philosophy to others.

Jing Monis' Holiday with the Press 2016
Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis 

     The location was perfect for office workers and condo residents. They wanted to create an experience of affordable luxury. By a‎ stroke of faith, they crossed paths with Mr. Jing Monis and realized that they shared the same vision. He knew how to make things happen. They fell in love with his passion for the business and was drawn to his energy and straight forward approach to business. They knew that with him and his team managing the business, their dream will be realized.

Balayage Ombre with Weaving Hilights

     I would like to share with you a short story of my hair color transformation. Why I wanted to change the color of my hair? Obviously, the roots are already showing. You will see the major steps in the photos below. The steps are for Balayage Ombre with Weaving Hilights hair color service at Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis. It's a meticulous technique that's why I salute trained stylist for the their patience! Watch a short clip here: Balayage Ombre with Weaving Hilights 

1. Here's how my hair looks like before. I have a dark blonde hair with roots already showing. I decided to tone down the color for the holidays. My dream hair color is ash brown or blonde but it's so impossible for me to achieve that because bleaching is required and I don't want to bleach my entire hair.

Jing Monis' Holiday with the Press 2016

2. See my stylist / fairy godmother doing her magic in my hair. Meet the only female stylist of the team- Ms. Melyn Guiritan. She'll be using Wella Illumina Colours for my base and hilights.

Jing Monis' Holiday with the Press 2016
     Together with her assistant (sorry I forgot the name), they sectioned my hair in order to have a balance sectioning for the weaving hilights and ombre. Foil method was used in order to speed up the effect of hair coloring products used.

Jing Monis' Holiday with the Press 2016
Foil Method

3. After a couple of hours, the hilights were showing already. But it's not yet done. Time to tone down the base color and have some hair cut and treatment. See the strands where I allowed them to bleach my hair? It's not so obvious now and that's the way I wanted it to be.

Jing Monis' Holiday with the Press 2016
Hair is ready for the next step, full hair color!

     This prolly is one of the closests ash brown/ ash blonde hair color that I have to date without bleaching. If you really want to achieve that color, you have no choice but to bleach your hair unless you're already blonde to begin with. 

Jing Monis' Holiday with the Press 2016

4. Hair treatment is very important or should I say a necessary step in any kind of hair coloring process. This will lessen the damage and protect it after applying all the chemicals in your tresses. For this, they've given my hair the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. Yay!

Jing Monis' Holiday with the Press 2016
Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

5. Here's my hair color after the treatment- the photo doesn't give justice to what the real color is. After a week, the color already washed out to the color that I wanted to achieve- ash brown :) 

Jing Monis' Holiday with the Press 2016

     Parties and reunions are in full blast this second week of December. Give your hair that much needed pampering by treating it to a new hair color, hair cut, and treatment. Jing Monis wants you to have the holiday hair you deserve, download booksy app in your mobile phones- hairphilosophie.booksy.net

Hair Cut booked thru booksy comes with a FREE Vanilla Bean Treament
Hair Color booked thru booksy comes with a FREE Wella Treatment

Jing Monis' Holiday with the Press 2016
Book with booksy.net

      Thank you so much Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis for the holiday treat! Super lovin' the hair color that I have now :) Kindly look for Ms. Melyn Guiritan and let her assess the hair color that will bring out the best in you! Happy Holidays!

Jing Monis' Holiday with the Press 2016
Ash brown hair- Balayage Ombre and Weaving Hilights technique

For more information on Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis, visit their website

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Follow them on Instagram: @hairphilosopiebyjingmonis

Hope you like my new color, dearies!

Good Times!

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