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Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 2017

Friday, May 05, 2017

     Calling all shopaholics! Ready you wallets and join your favorite bloggers and influencers on this 2-day event happening later May 6 to 7, 2017 in Whitespace, Pasong Tamo. Row 101 Summer Pop Up is another installment of the successful Row 101 Pop Up Bazaar happened last year. 

     Summer will be complete as Row 101 brings over 40 brands from lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food entrepreneurs, there is surely something for everyone to enjoy. The booths was personally curated by the Row 101 team, thus you will surely have a great time in this one-of-a-kind shopping experience because you are ensured unique finds, quality products, and interesting items to add to your list of wants (and needs!). More details on this year's Row 101 Pop Up Bazaar after the jump!

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 2017

Row101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar

Monday, April 11, 2016

     Summer is not just about planning and going on a beach trip. It's also the time for de-cluttering things and cleaning the house. Since you're going to dispose a lot of items- used or unused, it's time to revamp your closet and replace them with trendy items this summer.

      There's one place where you can score awesome items that are trendy and surely fits your lifestyle- bazaars. Well, you gotta save the date for the hottest summer blowout by Row 101! They'll bring you one-of-a-kind shopping experience because this is their first summer pop-up store  and they don't want to dismay. More details about Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar below :)

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 
     Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar is happening on April 16-17, 2016 at Whitespace, Pasong Tamo from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. I got the first dibs on what to see on the day of the bazaar itself and I'm telling you now to make a list of items that you need or want because you will see a lot from skin care to makeup, home accessories, fashion items like bags, shoes, swimwear, gym clothes, novelty items, and a whole lot more!

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 
     For those of you who have no idea what Row 101 is, well they are known to be Manila's finest and well-curated bazaar that focuses on trendy lifestyles and fashion. So whether you’re out to find the stylish women’s wear, men’s wear, accessories, or home items, you’re sure to get it from Row 101. Sharing with you below some of the concessionaires and the items you'll see in their booths :)

Abby Jocson- @abbyjocson
     For bags that are colorful, stylish, and comes in fun designs. These bags will add amp to your outfit this summer. How about a pineapple shoulder bag by the beach?

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 
Abby Jocson

Hello Luang- @helloluang
     You'll never go out of style with these handmade bags from Hello Luang. These stylish handmade bags can be your go-to bag while doing errands.

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar
Hello Luang

Eve and Kelly- @eveandkelly
     If you're looking for handcrafted shoes, then Eve and Kelly is here. The Designer and Co-Founder Joco Comendador will be there personally to meet and greet all of you and to thank you for your support. They will also introduce their rebranded product line: Joco Comendador : Footwear + Art and be among the first to have a glimpse of their upcoming mens footwear brand Comendador Tailored Footwear.

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 
Eve and Kelly

Cuesee Creations- @cueseecreations
     The fabrics in this collection are hand-selected and inspired by the globe-trotting adventures of Queenie Chua. Thoroughly designed and carefully assembled in the Philippines.

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaa
Cuesee Creations

Benefit Cosmetics- @benefitph

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 
Benefit Cosmetics

 Flex Apparel-
     Looking for a sturdy but cute sports bra design? Flex apparel is here to cater those gym outfit needs. Get inspired to be fit and be motivated to work out with these stylish sports bra and say hello to summer body now!

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 
Flex Apparel

Dirty Paws Apparel- @dirtypawsapparel
     Dirty Paws Apparel is a clothing brand that strives for something bigger than fashion- the welfare of all dogs. Dirty Paws believes in the unconditional love of dogs which is the heart and soul of the brand and aims to give back to them.

     Dirty Paws Apparel celebrates one’s love for dogs by offering various graphic designs and by donating 10% of all proceeds to CARA Welfare Philippines. Dirty Paws Apparel is more than just something you wear- it’s something you stand for.

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 
Dirty Paws Apparel

Inglot Cosmetics- @inglotph

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 
Inglot Cosmetics

Dolly Wink Philippines - @dollywinkphilippines
     Score this limited edition Dolly Wink Liquid and Pencil Eyeliner at the bazaar. This limited edition pack contains a liquid and pencil eyeliner. Waterproof, smudge-proof, long-lasting, slim pen brush, pencil type soft crayon tip, and easy to remove with soap and water. I've been using the pencil type eyeliner for days now and wow, amazeballs :) You can also buy the Japanese brand BrowLash EX mascara and eyeliner at the bazaar.

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 
Dolly Wink Philippines
These are some of the brands that you will see at Row 101 Pop Up Bazaar:

Myrrh and Gold Manila (@myrrhandgoldmanila)
Everyday Love (@everydayloveph)
Dolly Wink (@dollywinkphilippines)
BCL Philippines (@bclphilippines)
Dirty Paws Apparel (@dirtypawsapparel)
Meta Footwear
Cuesee Creations (@cueseecreations)
MDSN Manila (@mdsnmanila)
Shine Designs (@shinedesignsjewelry)
Flex Apparel (
One for the Road (@onefortheroadph)
Ink Scribbler / The Craft Central (@inkscribbler / @thecraftcentral)
Anma Lifestyle (@anmalifestyle)
Teddy Sage (@teddysage)
Cocooni (@shopcocooni)
Lulu Swing (@luluswing)
Lumos the Label (@lumosthelabel)
Bud Pack (@budpackph)

Row 101 Summer Pop Up Bazaar 
See you there!!!

Visit and ready-set-shop at Row 101 Pop Up Bazaar this April 16-17, 2016 because...
  • Not only are these brands chic and classy, some such as Jeron Travel, Inglot Cosmetics, and Benefit Cosmetics will be raffling off items for every fashionista’s enjoyment. 
  • There will be a number of celebrities and bloggers such as Say Tioco, Joyce Sola, Regina Belmonte, Valerie Chua, Cristina & Dana Decena, Tina Ong, Rowena Lei, and The Love Club, will also have booths for their pre-loved items. 
  • Most of the products are proudly Philippine made! It's time to support local brands.
  • Row 101 always makes sure to add some good food, music and drinks so that people enjoy hangout and socialize. 
  • Row 101 has also made sure to partner with several nearby buildings, giving over 100 parking slots for guests to use. Valet service will also be available. 
  • There will also be a travel booth that will offer EXCLUSIVE discounted airline tickets and packaged trips for Row 101 attendees.
  • Row 101 will never fail you, get the items that you want at best deals. 

For more information about Row 101’s first summer pop up in Manila, 
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Good Times!~


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