Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

RCBC New Logo and Tagline Launch

Saturday, July 29, 2017

     A stable financial institution is what we need to help us manage our hard earned money that's why we are always in search of a bank where we will give our loyalty and trust. With issues here and there concerning some of the biggest financial institutions in our country in the past months, the Filipinos are more diligent in choosing a bank that will cater to all financial needs.

     Just recently, Rizal Commercial Bank Corporation (RCBC) unveiled their new corporate logo and tagline “We believe in you,” which signals the start of a new era of providing excellent and trusted banking services for Filipinos. The launch gave us an idea of what RCBC has to offer not only to past clientele but to the millennials as well. More information below.

RCBC New Logo and Tagline Launch


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