Richenna Bubble Hair Color in Golden Blonde

Friday, November 09, 2012

     As I've said on previous posts, my hair needs some loving! My hair tends to get dry and frizzy two months after using hair color treatments. I'm not blaming it to Prettia, I love the color of my hair after using this bubble hair dye. It's given that color-treated hair will get dry after the treatment that's why it should be given utmost care. You need to nourish it with the right shampoo and conditioner. If you want to see my past hair colors click here :D

     This post will just be the continuation of my DIY hair coloring adventure. But this time, I opted to buy something cheaper since I'm on a tight budget mode. I saw this bubble hair color at Watsons months ago and became very curious. I read all the information on the box and I'm surprised that it has a wide range of colors. I'm torn between Richenna and Etude House but after reading Janet's review, I focused my mind to Richenna. Thanks to Janet of Journey on Beauty and Nonsense Stuff for making a very comprehensive review of this product. You can check her post here
Richenna Bubble Hair Color in Golden Blonde
Richenna Bubble Hair Color in Golden Blonde
     Choosing the right color was very tricky for me. There's a chart at the back of the box that will show you the before and after hair color. I got confused because the after color would be darker if you have a lighter hair color to start with. Since my previous hair color was platinum beige, this golden blonde will make my hair darker. 

BEFORE: Prettia Platinum Beige

The roots are showing
AFTER 1 WEEK: Richenna Golden Blonde
     If you'll compare the before and after photos, Richenna gave my hair a bit of reddish/orange-y tint and it colored my roots a bit. It's different irl because the color is more on the brown/ ash-y side. I'm satisfied with the result making my hair color even and also for the cheaper price. But if I'm going to color my hair again, I will still choose Prettia. The only downside of this product is that it made my hair coarse even if I use the treatment conditioner included inside the box. My hair saver is the Kerastase mask Chroma Riche. Will make a review of this expensive hair treatment that I won from a magazine contest. 

     Any thoughts on my new hair color? Thanks for visiting :D Will announce the winner of my giveaway on my next post.

Good Times!~


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