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Red Ribbon Flagship Store at SM Megamall

Saturday, October 22, 2016

     What bakeshop chain comes to mind with these products? Fluffy Mamon, Black Forest Cake, and Ube Macapuno Roll? I presume that it's a no brainer question and the answer would be Red Ribbon! 
The leading and fastest growing bakeshop chains in the Philippines made another milestone they launched their first flagship store located at the ground floor of building A of SM Megamall in Pasig City last October 12.

     Highlights of the celebration were the blessing of the flagship store and the new design features that all combine to make both every day and special moments even more memorable. Red Ribbon flagship store unveiled the new look of the store front with combination of its red archways and sleek interior that welcomes the customers to enter the space for a unique experience. See more of what Red Ribbon SM Megamall has in store for you after the jump.

Red Ribbon Flagship Store at SM Megamall

Red Ribbon launches limited edition Rocky Road Cake

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

     Hello dearies! What if the classic and all-time favorite flavor of ice cream is now in a delicious treat that will surely tickle your taste buds. Are you ready to have a slice of rocky road cake? Yes, this all-time favorite flavor is now available in Red Ribbon. It's making a comeback but for a limited time only.

     When guests are expected at home, serving a heavenly chocolate cake appears to be a sure crowd pleaser. Red Ribbon—one of the country’s biggest bakeshops—is bringing back one of its best-selling round chocolate cake that’s sure to delight your family and friends. Red Ribbon’s Rocky Road Cake is now making a grand comeback, carrying with it more delicious toppings that will definitely add more texture and flavor to the family’s time.

Red Ribbon launches limited edition Rocky Road Cake
     The Rocky Road Cake is made of three layers of rich chocolate cake with choco-cream filling, topped with fluffy white cream rosettes, chocolate kisses, soft, white marshmallows and chocolate drizzles. 

     What makes the Rocky Road Cake even more special this year compared last year is the addition of Red Ribbon’s signature brownies. These chewy brownie bits are topped along with the cake’s other toppings, giving the cake a more moist and chewy texture. Additional sprinkles of cashews and marshmallows are sandwiched in between the cake’s layers, creating a perfect combination of sweetness, softness and crunchiness from the inside and out.

     “Social media has made catching up with friends and families very different from before,” said Zinnia Rivera, general manager of Red Ribbon. “But we, at Red Ribbon, believe that nothing can replace person-to-person interaction between families and friends. We want them to share sweet moments like they never did before.”

     The Rocky Road Cake is available in all its stores from October 1 to January 31, 2016 for only P585 for regular-sized round cake and P375 for junior-sized cakes. According to Rivera, the limited edition cake is a perfect sweet course for families who want to serve a delightful and hearty dessert.
     Rivera said, “Nothing can be better than good company and good food. With the Rocky Road Cake served on the table, there’s no better way to share special moments than a delightful treat that bursts with chocolatey goodness.”

     Red Ribbon is one of the fastest growing bakeshop chains in the country that serves great-tasting cakes, breads and pastries, bringing back memories of joy and togetherness, family and home. In every Filipino celebration, whether it’s an every day family gathering or a grand feast, Red Ribbon will continue to make each moment sweeter to people of all ages.

     She concluded, “Every moment spent with your loved ones is a moment worth celebrating. At Red Ribbon, we can give you, your family and your friends more reasons to celebrate everyday through sweet and delightful confections—and our Rocky Road Cake is the perfect decadent dessert that will make each moment even sweeter.”

'Mas Creamy Sarap Polvoron' from Red Ribbon

Monday, November 02, 2015

     One of my favorite Filipino desserts comes in a small plastic packaging filled with milky yummy goodness. I'm a fan of that powdered milk sweet dessert that no doubt everyone loves. Everyone has that one special food item that brings memories of home. Arguably for Filipinos, this is the classic Polvoron. Here's great news from Red Ribbon, one of the biggest bakeshops in the Philippines, introduces its Classic Polvoron—a delightful treat that bursts a melt-in-your-mouth sweetness and creaminess, leaving an aftertaste that’s sure to make Filipinos grab for more.

     According to Zinnia Rivera, general manager of Red Ribbon, the Classic Polvoron offers just the right amount of sweetness, with more “creamy sarap” goodness. “The creamy taste of Polvoron has an empowering taste that brings Filipinos back to their childhood years,” Rivera said. “Since adults enjoy the rich, creamy taste of Polvoron, they now share their all-time favorite treat to their children. With Red Ribbon’s Classic Polvoron in place, children and adults alike will find our creamy variant more irresistible.” 
'Mas Creamy Sarap Polvoron' from Red Ribbon
     The Red Ribbon Classic Polvoron comes in singles, pack of eights (8s) and box of 16s. The price ranges for each pack is P10, P73 and P143, respectively.

     Rivera added, “What’s best about our Classic Polvoron is its sweet, creamy taste that’s perfect for mothers who want the best sweet treat for their kids’ recess or for the ates and kuyas out there who are looking for that sweet ending after a scrumptious meal.” 

     Aside from the Classic Polvoron, Red Ribbon also boasts its other Polvoron flavors. This includes the Pinipig Polvoron, which bursts with the same creamy goodness complemented by crunchy pinipig bits; and the Peanut Polvoron, which contains flavorful real peanut bits mixed with powdered milk and lightly toasted flour and butter. For families who want to taste all three flavours, they can opt to purchase the Assorted Polvoron Pack.

     Rivera said, “We’re making it easier for Filipino families to enjoy all our Polvoron flavors in one pack at an affordable price.”

     “Red Ribbon’s Polvoron products are popular delicacies that never fail to delight Filipino families,” Rivera added. “For its part, Red Ribbon Bakeshop will continue to innovate its products by improving the taste and design. We will continue to make great-tasting confections that are guaranteed to delight families regardless of the occasion.” 

     Now on its 36th year, Red Ribbon continues to make each celebration—whether small or grand—even more special. To date, the popular bakeshop chain now has over 300 stores nationwide.

Red Ribbon Mother's Day Treat- Limited Edition Black Forest Cake and Mamon

Friday, May 08, 2015

  1.      Happy Mother's Day to all the hard-working, loving, and patient mothers all over the world. We're celebrating Mother's Day this Sunday and I'm pretty sure some of you are busy buying gifts already. If you're still clueless of what to give, Red Ribbon launches its limited edition Black Forest cake and Mamon. I think this is one of the sweetest and unforgettable treats in time for Mother's Day. 
Red Ribbon Mother's Day Treat- Limited Edition Black Forest Cake and Mamon
     Red Ribbon, the country’s leading bakeshop, pays tribute to the special women in our lives – our mothers. This Mother’s Day, Red Ribbon celebrates this special day with the all-time classic limited edition Mother’s Day Black Forest cake and the Mother’s Day Mamon. The Mother’s Day Black Forest Cake and Mother’s Day Mamon will both be available in Red Ribbon stores nationwide from May 8 to 10.

     The Mother’s Day Black Forest will feature deliciously rich chocolate roses on top of the cake. This edible floral bouquet complements the confection’s soft, moist chocolate cake sprinkled with a generous amount of glorious chocolate shavings atop fluffy, white cream icing and punctuated by juicy, sweet cherries. This delightful cake makes a perfect gift for any mom to enjoy. 
Red Ribbon Mother's Day Treat- Limited Edition Black Forest Cake and Mamon
Red Ribbon Mother's Day Black Forest Cake
     On the other hand, the Mother’s Day Mamon will have that soft, light, fluffy, white chiffon mamon and feature colorful, Mother’s Day-themed toppings. These special mamons are packaged in special gift boxes that are great for giving away. These will come in packs of 3s and are affordably priced at P120.00 only! Even kids can make a gift of this to their moms.
Red Ribbon Mother's Day Treat- Limited Edition Black Forest Cake and Mamon
Red Ribbon Mother's Day Mamon
     These classic, elegantly rich and sumptuous confections are both feasts for the taste and are guaranteed to say “I love you, Mom” in more ways than one. 

     “We are proud of our Mother’s Day Black Forest cake and Mother’s Day Mamon because we made them with mothers in mind,” said Zinnia Rivera, Red Ribbon General Manager. “We wanted to create something that helps families celebrate Mother’s Day in a special way and what better way to do it than with these classic treats.” 

     Red Ribbon’s Mother’s Day Black Forest cake and Mother’s Day Mamon will not only brighten the table but more importantly, make the celebration of moms’ special day worth remembering so much more.

     Red Ribbon has long been a part of every important celebratory red-letter occasion through its many delightful cakes, breads and pastries. With each occasion families come together to celebrate, Red Ribbon will always be a part of the occasion. 

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