Philam Life Live Better

Philam Life #LiveBetter Expo

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

     If someone asks you how to have a better life prolly your answer will be having a stable income and continuous earnings. But did you know that all the savings and earnings you have will lose its value if you're sick and eventually have a chronic illness? As cliché as it sounds, "Health is wealth" saying is important nowadays to live better.

     Philam Life makes a positive difference in the lives of Filipinos by supporting them in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. A reliable life partner that will help you secure your future and your loved ones. They help you make the right choices that lead to living a longer, healthier, better life. Last August 25, 2017, Philam Life hosted a 2-day event dubbed as the Live Better Expo. Sharing highlights of the event below :)

Philam Life #LiveBetter Expo


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