Penshoppe #IAmDifferent

Penshoppe Anti-Bullying Campaign #IAmDifferent Launch

Monday, October 30, 2017

     I believe that we are unique, we are all different. Even identical twins can still be different emotionally that's why I support Penshoppe's latest campaign to raise awareness against bullying. According to the study, one is being bullied because he/she thinks and act differently. 

     I can still remember the time when one of my classmates was being bullied. He was teased and physically assaulted by other students from a higher level. It's a traumatic experience for the person being bullied and it will bring impact later on his life. Know more about the local retail brand's campaign on bullying and what you can do to help raise awareness in your own little way below.

Penshoppe's Anti-Bullying Campaign #IAmDifferent


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