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Product Review: Natura Organics Beneficial Intimate Cleansing Formula

Monday, July 07, 2014

       Hello dearies! Another HG alert :) I'm very excited to share this review because it's very effective and I find it affordable. You all know that I'm a sucker for anything organic when it comes to skin care. As much as possible I want to use organic products from head to toe! So when Natura Organics sent me another batch of their new and exciting products to try, I used it immediately and religiously. If you're a follower on my Instagram account, I'm sure you've seen the Natura Organics haul that I received last May and upon receiving the loot, I used the Natura Organics Beneficial Intimate Cleansing Formula that day. Are you excited to know my thoughts about this oh so good product? Click CONTINUE READING and smile!
Product Review: Natura Organics Beneficial Intimate Cleansing Formula 

Product Review: Natura Organics Cellular Energizing Body Wash

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

     Hello dearies! Hope you're having a productive day even if it's scorching hot outside. I was out the whole day last Monday and I really felt the heat. The sun, the wind and the pollution combined made my skin dry and burned! Literally, I got a sunburn even without swimming. Before I went outside last Monday, I make sure that I applied an ample amount of my trusted sunblock. I was armed with an umbrella and wore a not so thick long-sleeves shirt to protect my skin. But boy oh boy, the heat coming from the sun is sweltering that I can't even stay in one place with minimal ventilation. But I have no choice because I was organizing my father's papers so I have to go back and forth to that office. When I got home yesterday, all I to do want is immersed myself inside the pail. So when I'm about to lather my skin with my favorite soap, I felt the sunburned area stinging and the soap's lather was making it itchy and painful. Good thing that Natura Organics sent me their Cellullar Energizing Body Wash because it saved my skin from the irritation and itchy feel that I have right now. I'm really planning to use this body wash next week but the stinging sensation that I have right now because of the wind/sunburn made me use this product. 

     I guess it's too early to give this product a review but because I've used it four times already for two days and saw the effects immediately, then ow is the right time to say my thoughts about the product. It's the perfect buddy for my tired and irritated skin. If you want to know more about the product and my full review click CONTINUE READING and find out!
Natura Organics Cellular Energizing Body Wash
White Ginger + Lemon and Grapefruit 

Product Review: Natura Organics Fruit Bio-Active Complex C- Miracle Body Polish

Saturday, April 05, 2014

     Ah body scrubs! First thing that comes to my mind when someone says exfoliate. There are different types of body scrubs in the market today and I'm sure you're having a hard time looking for the one. I've tried more than 5 brands of body scrubs before and I can say that based on the scrubber used as the main ingredient, you can see really tell which one will agree to your skin. There are salt type body scrubs, paste type with very fine beads, cream type with fruit seeds or fiber as exfoliant and etc, etc. I presume that you all know I'm an avid fan of organic products and I'm still on search for the best or at least better alternative to chemically-harsh skin care products in the market today. As for the body scrubs, I think I haven't found the best in terms of the quality and price but I've discovered one of the cost-effective especially if you're into luxurious body scrubs. I'm a cheapskate that's why even if the product is worth the price, I'm still having thoughts if I'll push through with it or just look for another alternative.

     I think this body polish comes with a hefty price tag compared to the brands that I've tried before but if you'll look closely to the ingredients, the natural ingredients used are of high quality and yes they are expensive too. Take for example the grapeseed fiber used as scrubber, I love eating grapes but whatever season we have the price of this fruit is high compared to other fruits in the market. But if you have the money to splurge a little on a skin care product that contains effective ingredients then I recommend you try this body polish. So without further ado, here's the review of Natura Organics Fruit Bio-Active Complex C-Miracle Body Polish. Click CONTINUE READING to know more about the product.
Natura Organics Fruit Bio-Active Complex C- Miracle Body Polish

Product Review: Natura Organics Cellular Radiance Intensive Hand Repair Cream SPF50

Friday, April 04, 2014

     My hands are the most overworked/abused part of my body because I have hands-on job everyday. From the time I wake up, my hands are ready to do different tasks like cleaning the house, washing the dishes that includes cleaning feeding bottles and if time permits do a light laundry. Aside from mommy duties, I also spent more than five hours on the computer typing articles to be published on this blog. I admit that at an early age I have vein-y hands. My grand mother said I got it from the stress. I'm also allergic to laundry detergents and dish-washing liquids that's why my hands are dry and itchy after washing the dishes and doing the laundry. If you'll ask me if I have a separate skin care product to lessen the itchiness and dryness on my hands, my answer would be none not until Natura Organics sent me a tub of their hand cream. Thanks to Ms. Ophelia of Ophelia_NaturaOrganics for this heaven-sent product. 

      I'm an OC mommy but I'm not that vain in taking good care of my hands. All I have in mind  is that the lotions that I'm using in my body will also do the job in the moisturizing department of my hands. I'm truly wrong because hand creams are very essential and important part of ones skin care. I'm lucky that I've got the first dibs on this product from Natura Organics and I'm very much confident to say that this hand cream made a big difference on the texture and tone of my hands. Now I agree to the phrase "yung kamay mo parang hindi sanay sa trabahong bahay" (Your hand looks like not used to household chores). Even the hubby felt the difference on the texture of my hands one time and asked what did I do to the flaky and dry part on the sides of my fingers. I told him my secret-now-not-secret weapon to combat dry and irritated hands. Excited to see the full details of my review? Click CONTINUE READING and smile!
Natura Organics Cellular Radiance Intensive Hand Repair Cream SPF50

Product Review: Natura Organics Organic Luscious Lipstick

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

     Hello dearies! I'm back with a series of product reviews from Natura Organics. Ms. Jessica of Natura Organics Essentiel sent me these pretty lipsticks last January as a birthday gift. I was surprised when I received all the four shades of their Organic Luscious Lipstick. The first shade on the photo below became an instant fave! I love the shade because I can wear it everyday for that no makeup makeup look. When my mom and sisters saw this on my stash, they're very giddy to make their own swatch too. After applying the lipstick, my mom noticed that she looked younger. The shade she used compliments her skin tone- Tuscany Rose. My younger sister wanted to try a red-orange color that will suit her complexion. She chose Mauve Rose and after applying it on her lips, she was amazed that even without lip balm prior to the application, it didn't dried out her lips. Wanna know my thoughts about these pretty lipsticks? Click CONTINUE READING to find out!
Natura Organics Organic Luscious Lipstick
1-Primrose, 2-Tuscany Rose, 3-Mauve Rose, 4-Claret Rose


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