Natura Organics Cellular Energizing Body Wash

Product Review: Natura Organics Cellular Energizing Body Wash

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

     Hello dearies! Hope you're having a productive day even if it's scorching hot outside. I was out the whole day last Monday and I really felt the heat. The sun, the wind and the pollution combined made my skin dry and burned! Literally, I got a sunburn even without swimming. Before I went outside last Monday, I make sure that I applied an ample amount of my trusted sunblock. I was armed with an umbrella and wore a not so thick long-sleeves shirt to protect my skin. But boy oh boy, the heat coming from the sun is sweltering that I can't even stay in one place with minimal ventilation. But I have no choice because I was organizing my father's papers so I have to go back and forth to that office. When I got home yesterday, all I to do want is immersed myself inside the pail. So when I'm about to lather my skin with my favorite soap, I felt the sunburned area stinging and the soap's lather was making it itchy and painful. Good thing that Natura Organics sent me their Cellullar Energizing Body Wash because it saved my skin from the irritation and itchy feel that I have right now. I'm really planning to use this body wash next week but the stinging sensation that I have right now because of the wind/sunburn made me use this product. 

     I guess it's too early to give this product a review but because I've used it four times already for two days and saw the effects immediately, then ow is the right time to say my thoughts about the product. It's the perfect buddy for my tired and irritated skin. If you want to know more about the product and my full review click CONTINUE READING and find out!
Natura Organics Cellular Energizing Body Wash
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