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OOTD: Kenzo's Christmas Party 2015

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

     Hello mommies! Today, I'll be sharing a quick ootd post. This time, let me share with you what Kenzo wore during his classroom Christmas party last year. The theme of last year's Christmas party was simple. No need to dress-up like a prince or princess, or the child's favorite character. He was advised to wear something comfortable. So I decided to let Kenzo wear something that is comfortably fashionable. 

     Since Kenzo still has new and unused clothes which he received from our relatives, I didn't bother to spend too much on his outfit. I only bought a pair of slim fit shorts because his favorite pair looks too short on him already. I will not keep you waiting, outfit details below :)
OOTD: Kenzo's Christmas Party 2015
     I noticed that this outfit made Kenzo look like he's already a 'teen'. If I could only stop the time and say to him everyday "don't grow too fast", I will. But that will never happen, my baby will be in his teens five years from now. But no matter what happens, he will always be my baby :)
OOTD: Kenzo's Christmas Party 2015
Top- L.O.G.G Casual Classics by H&M Stripe Button Down

Bottom- JusTees Slim Fit Shorts

Shoes- Meet My Feet Ankle High Boots
OOTD: Kenzo's Christmas Party 2015
     I'm so happy that his outfit looks good on him. The colors complement each other and he's very comfortable with this attire the entire day. He didn't complain about his outfit and I can see that he's enjoying while I take his outfit shot. 
OOTD: Kenzo's Christmas Party 2015
What do you think of this outfit, mommies? Thanks for dropping by :)

Good Times!~

Feature: Meet My Feet Shoe Store + OOTD

Friday, February 06, 2015

     When it comes to choosing a good pair of shoes for Kenzo, I always consider style and comfort. Kenzo has sensitive feet. Like mother like son, huh? I have sensitive feet that's why choosing the most comfortable foot wear for me is tedious. Good thing I discovered a shoe store that offers comfort and up to date style of foot wear for the little boys and girls. I'm glad that there's a unique shoe store for kids in the name of Meet My Feet. 

     We visited Meet My Feet Fairview Terraces branch last January to check out the latest foot wear for boys. Upon reaching the store, Kenzo run hurriedly inside and sat in one of the elephant stools. He also reached some toys that were on display. I worried because he might broke something but it's actually there for the kids to play with. The unique concept of Meet My Feet's interactive play had helped me chose the pair of shoes for Kenzo fuss-free. Kenzo was busy tinkering the toys while I'm checking out the stylish and comfy shoes on display. Excited to see what I picked for Kenzo? Click CONTINUE READING to know more about Meet My Feet and Kenzo's OOTD :)
Feature: Meet My Feet Shoe Store + OOTD
Meet My Feet Fairview Terraces branch


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