Jollibee Chicago Illinois

Jollibee Chicago Illinois

Thursday, September 01, 2016

     Raise your hands if you're one of our 'kababayans' there in the U.S. reading this blog post right now. I'm sure that most of the Filipinos residing in Chicago, Illinois waited for this and finally a Jollibee store opened recently and  I heard that it was a big success or should I say a blockbuster one!

     My relatives in Chicago were so excited to set foot inside Jollibee Chicago Illinois during the opening last month because they're missing Chicken Joy, Yum Burger, Jolly Spaghetti, and a lot more from the one and only Jollibee. Have you seen the video of the store opening, yet? If not, sharing with you some photos from my relatives and a video from Jollibee USA below :)
Jollibee Chicago Illinois
     I borrowed some of the photos which I saw at my Tito Van's Facebook wall. Of course I asked his permission to grab them and share it with you all :) Tito Van and Tita Alex- all smiles while ordering their faves but first, let them take a selfie :)
Jollibee Chicago Illinois
Tito Van and Tita Alex
     They're really excited and happy so after seeing those smiles despite the long queue during the opening day, I said to myself that Filipinos will always and forever be at home with Jollibee! I'm so happy for them especially when I saw them dining together inside the store. 
Jollibee Chicago Illinois
Tito Van with my pretty second cousins Czarina and Chelsea
     For more details on the opening, kindly watch the video below. 
You & Me Chicago
Thank you, You & Me Chicago!
To those who weren't able to catch the show, check out this clip of WCIU's top morning talk show, You & Me, featuring the hottest restaurant in the Chicago area, Jollibee Skokie!


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