JBL Jr. JBL Jr. Headphone

Feature: JBL Jr. Headphones

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

     Kids these days are so into gadgets. I presume that kids of this generation would love to receive a new iPad, mobile phone, game console, or accessories that they will use in the gadgets that they already have. We cannot blame technology if our kids will choose these over stuff toys and other playset but we can control the pros and cons a gadget brings.

     My son, Kenzo loves to watch YouTube videos. He's into race cars and musical instruments. He's into music as his dad while he also loves to play games like momma. On a long road trip, I know he needs a headphone that delivers remarkable sound so he can still enjoy the trip while watching videos or listening to music. Enter JBL Jr.- brightly colored wired and wireless lightweight headphones that let kids enjoy music, movies and more while providing the promise of safety and durability.

Feature: JBL Jr. Headphones


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