JBL Fest 2018

JBL Speakers: Booming Sounds Come in Many Sizes

Thursday, August 09, 2018

     Parties and other wild and wooly events need the perfect booming sounds to make it the talk of the town and create that solid impact. So how do you make them as epic and fantabulous? Deliver the sound and make your party reverberate with all the thud, clatter and tinkle anywhere you want. The tried-and-tested JBL Boombox and the JBL GO2 from JBL, from the world’s leading electronic audio authority, will surely make any party big or small live up to expectations.

     Experience sound like you’ve never heard before in a boombox with the JBL Boombox. This powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker delivers enormous sound and the hardest-hitting bass to bring the roar and the rumble of your music all day. With just a single charge, you won’t miss a beat as you party all day, all night thanks to its humongous 20,000mAh battery. You can even charge your phone or tablet while your rock to the music, a sample of the JBL Boombox’s versatility and diverse functionality.

Booming Sounds Come in Many Sizes


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