Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings

jobsDB Launches the New Mobile App 2.0 with Bloggers

Monday, March 10, 2014

     I know, I know, another late post from last year's bloggers meet-up. I've already shared with you the press release of jobsDB's New Mobile App 2.0 but wasn't able to show you what happened to our small but very informative blogger's meet-up. I may sound cray cray here but this has been one of the best events that I've attended so far. I've met blogger friends that have influenced me to make my blog much better :) This will be a very short post and I'll also include a video about jobsDB in case you haven't seen or heard their newest mobile app. But first, I'm sure you'll get hungry when you see these mouth-watering treats from Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings. More pictures after the jump, click CONTINUE READING to find out!
jobsDB Launches the New Mobile App 2.0 with Bloggers
Frankie's Wings in Honey Mustard


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