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Product Review: Eskinol Spot-less White Facial Deep Cleanser With Pure Calamansi Extracts

Saturday, March 09, 2013

     Hi, hi hi! I'm back with another review. I told you in my previous post that I wanted to share new products on my skin care regimen and makeup stash that I'm currently using. So let's start with this toner/cleanser. I'm sure you've seen this product a lot of times and I presume a member or two in the family have tried this. This product has been around if I'm not mistaken since my childhood days and I remember seeing my mother using this before and after washing her face. If you're thinking this toner is classic, yes it is. 

     Eskinol is classic and very effective that's why until now it's still here unlike other brands being discontinued in the market. When I saw that Janet of Journey on Beauty made a comprehensive review of all Eskinol variants, I'm convinced that the quality of this product has been tested through times and if this is re-formulated I'm sure that the new formulation is way better and improved with added features. I'm so happy that I've got a chance to try this toner because my skin loves it. Read more and see why I repurchased the bigger bottle of this product.

     Eskinol provides products which are specifically formulated for the Filipina skin. Its range of products is known to effectively solve oily skin problems and pimples!

     Eskinol Facial Deep Cleansers contain Micro-cleanse Anti-Bacterial Formula that removes pimple-causing dirt left from washing with soap. It also removes excess oil and make-up to make your skin truly clean. Use Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser and avoid pimples and other skin problems from coming back

Eskinol Spot-less White Facial Deep Cleanser With Pure Calamansi Extracts
R- I emptied the small bottle in a month's time.
L- Currently using this 135ml bottle every other day.
~Removes deep-seated dirt, excess oil, and makeup with micro-cleanse anti-bacterial formula
~With pure Calamansi extracts known to whiten skin
~With vitamin C derivatives to help lighten dark spots in as early as 1 week for an even skin tone

size: 4.6 fl.oz. /135ml

price: 49.75 php(Around $1.20+)

place bought: Watsons Health and Beauty Store, Sm Fairview

instructions for use: Moisten a piece of cotton and apply on face and neck. Repeat until no trace of dirt is seen on the cotton. Use anytime and anywhere to get a truly clean skin.

ingredients: Water, Alcohol Denat., Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Perfume, Citrus Microcarpa (Calamansi) Extract, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Menthol, CI 47005

What I like:
  • The price- cheapest among the toners that I've tried.
  • My skin feels squeaky clean after use.
  • There is a cooling sensation and  just a little sting
  • Able to cleanse deep-seated dirt and heavy makeup.
  • Leaves skin matte and oil-free.
  • Wide selection of toners for different skin needs.
  • Lightened some dark spots after 2 weeks of every other day use.

What I don't like:
  • Caused dryness on some parts of my skin.

Will I repurchase? Yes because truly soap is not enough to cleanse that deep-seated dirt. 

     I give this a 4.75/5 rating. Other than the faint alcohol smell and the dryness, I really liked seeing my face squeaky clean after using this product. I noticed some of my pimple marks have lightened. I'm not saying that this product alone made those blemishes lighter, applying this every other day somehow helped those unsightly dark spots appear less visible. I'm also giddy to try other variants of Eskinol but methinks I need to use this continuously if I really want to see maximum results and if it will make pimple marks vanish after long-term use.

     Have you tried Eskinol? What's your favorite variant? Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend

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