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CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

     With science and advancement of technology, having a beautiful face and body is within reach. There are so many dermatology clinics offering different techniques for that so-called 'I woke up like this' beauty. If my memory serves me right, the word dermatology before equates to surgery. One if going under the knife. But now, treatments are non-invasive meaning no downtime and needle are required.

     The star of face and beauty aesthetics today is laser treatment. And when you say laser treatment, it's a kind of treatment that uses laser equipment to treat minor and major areas of the face and body. There are different laser treatments being offered nowadays and did you know that there is a big difference aside from the price? Well, I'll share a brief of that below. But first, let me introduce to you CUTERA Laser Treatment. A piece of brief information about this laser, the types of machine, and my personal experience below :)

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak


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