CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

     With science and advancement of technology, having a beautiful face and body is within reach. There are so many dermatology clinics offering different techniques for that so-called 'I woke up like this' beauty. If my memory serves me right, the word dermatology before equates to surgery. One if going under the knife. But now, treatments are non-invasive meaning no downtime and needle are required.

     The star of face and beauty aesthetics today is laser treatment. And when you say laser treatment, it's a kind of treatment that uses laser equipment to treat minor and major areas of the face and body. There are different laser treatments being offered nowadays and did you know that there is a big difference aside from the price? Well, I'll share a brief of that below. But first, let me introduce to you CUTERA Laser Treatment. A piece of brief information about this laser, the types of machine, and my personal experience below :)

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak

      CUTERA, the preferred laser treatment brand of top beauty doctors here and abroad invited us for our much-needed pampering called “Beauty Break” that allowed us to experience the CUTERA difference in face and body aesthetics. Laser treatment is not a thing new to me. I've already tried several types of laser treatment for hair removal and once for facial rejuvenation. So when I received an invite to try CUTERA, I immediately said yes :)

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak
     CUTERA Laser is a brand of laser under the Nd:YAG category. Nd:YAG laser has a wavelength of 1064 nm and has the capability to reach deeper layers of skin tissue than other types of lasers. Based on the graphic above, it is the kind of laser that penetrates deeper. So it only means, the deeper reach the better treatment result.

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak
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     The event also showcased not just the premium quality of the CUTERA face and body laser treatment but also triggered the company’s call for better awareness of the public when availing of laser treatment services.
     “CUTERA is a premium brand of face and body treatment from the US, engineered and designed to provide instant results and guarantees a safe and non-invasive procedure,” Liz Endrinal, Head of Therapeutic Sales of Cutera Philippines, said.
     We were all excited to try CUTERA Laser treatment to the skin disorder/s and issue/s that we want to be treated that day but first, we had a discussion on the difference of CUTERA Laser machines from other laser machines offered by various clinics. Our questions regarding each concern were also answered by Dra. Kat.

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak
Dr. Cats Porciuncula, of Skintology and Liz Endrinal, Head of Therapeutic Sales of Cutera Philippines
     Like what I've said above, I'm not new to this kind of treatment as I've tried different laser machines before. I was surprised that CUTERA Philippines has a formidable lineup of laser treatment machine that addresses the following face and body concerns. These machines can be used in different treatments and sometimes, the handpiece is the only thing that they replace to proceed to another area of treatment. Here are the machines available here in our country:

1. Cutera Enlighten

     Enlighten that helps erase and lighten benign pigmented lesions such as melasma and sunspots. It is also the Cutera power machine for effective tattoo removal.

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak

2. Cutera Excel V

     Excel V is the Cutera machine that takes away ages of your face as well as addresses leg veins, freckles, and brown spots.

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak

3. Cutera XEO

     The Cutera XEO machine provides instant results versus inflammatory acne, brown spots for elderly people, leg and facial veins, angiomas and rosacea or the diffused redness on the face.

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak

4. Cutera truSculpt

     Cutera truSculpt machine employs the stamp motion in deep tissue healing that delivers effective fat reduction.

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak
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5. Cutera Titan

     Titan is the go-to Cutera machine for natural lifting, skin tightening, and skin laxity.

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak

  • With skin, body, and facial treatments that have emerged largely in the Metro, it is anxious for us to easily trust clinics and even the process itself. 
  • CUTERA remains loyal to define the forefront of medical aesthetics with devices exquisitely engineered to deliver the highest level of performance, safety, and efficacy—providing a wide range of Face and Body medical aesthetic applications, with results that drive patient satisfaction, and inspire trust to medical aesthetic practitioners in the Philippines.

Here's a brief summary of my CUTERA Laser Treatment experience:
  • I decided to try the laser vascular using the Cutera XEO machine. 
  • I have plenty of spider veins on my left leg, near the medial retromalleor region.
  • The treatment lasted only for 10 minutes. No pain while the laser beam touches the skin. It's a fast and bite-like feeling on the part being treated.
  • No downtime after the treatment. I can wear socks, shoes, walk, and go to my usual routine after. 
  • I just need to refrain from hot baths/tubs and lifting heavy objects for a week.
  • The result for one session can be seen after three to four weeks depending on the severity of the condition.
  • But after the first session, there's a minimal change ( I forgot to take a photo of it though)

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak
     Look, I have a lot of spider veins, see the photo below how the laser vascular procedure is done. There's also a short video below and forgive me if there are blurry parts as the camera can't focus properly :( My apologies for that.

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak

     The wounds that you'll see below the photo was not treated, okay? I made a mark to show you that both before and after are my legs. Only the part that has spider veins were treated and look at the result. Photo was taken after three weeks. I guess in my second and third sessions, my spider veins will be less visible.

CUTERA Laser Treatment #BeautyBreak
After 1 session of laser vascular. Be the judge!
     CUTERA is officially distributed in the Philippines by MEDEV Medical Devices Corp., You can find their machines in the following face and body healthcare industry with top-caliber names such as the Dr. Aivee Medical Clinic, Nisce Skin N’ Face Clinic, Belo Medical Group, Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital, DLSU Medical Center, Skin and Cancer Foundation. These high-end clinics ensure that you get what you paid for. 

     A piece of advice, if you're an avid fan of laser treatments like Laser Hair Removal or other laser services for the face and body be sure to go to clinics that are not using refurbished or second-hand laser machines. Imagine your skin burned and blistered because these machines are not regularly calibrated as it is supposed to, thus, preventing it from emitting the required laser energy to treat patients. The aftermath, making the condition worse and it will impose emotional pain too. So next time you decide to undergo laser treatment, don't be fooled by cheap rates. Remember that there's a saying "It's too good to be true."

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