Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue

Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue #SummerHairExpert

Thursday, May 04, 2017

     Are you a self-confessed sun worshipper? If yes, then you love summer. Sea, sand, and sun makes summer fun but little do we know, however, that along with that much-needed dose of sun, sand, and sea comes the damaging effects of prolonged sun and heat exposure to our crowning glory.

     I presume that you've experienced that feeling where your hair is super dry after swimming and sun exposure of hair can turn into sun-damaged hair in an instant, especially if unprotected. Dry and brittle strands, dryness, and frizziness are the common signs of damage hair and this is common in summer not only to those who love the beach. This is what Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue aims to address with #SummerHairExpert. It is important to protect your hair from sun-damage that's why I'm sharing with you notes from the summer hair experts below :)

Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue #SummerHairExpert
My Beach Essential Kit and Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue Dry Rescue variant


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