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Biorè UV Sunscreens for Cool Summer Days!

Friday, April 24, 2015

     I admire Japanese women because most of them have beautiful skin. Aside from their lifestyle and healthy diet, they give so much importance to their skin care routine and use products that contains the purest of all ingredients. I've read somewhere that they have ten to eleven steps in their skin care routine morning and evening. That's way beyond my skin care routine and sometimes I wonder if putting too much on their face literally give them a 'heavy' feel.

     One of the most important steps in our skin care routine is the application of sunblock and sunscreens everyday! Some women don't value UV products because they don't care walking under the sun. If you have medium or dark skin tone, don't be confident that you don't need sunblocks and sunscreens because aside from preventing your skin to get dark and burned, these products protects you from aging and skin cancer. Going back to Japanese products, one of the best-selling UV products in Japan recently arrived and wanted us to experience Cool Summer Days. Wanna know how you will experience a summer like no other with Biorè UV? Click CONTINUE READING now!

Biorè UV Sunscreens for Cool Summer Days!


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