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Feature: Viviamo 2022 Planners and Journals

Monday, January 17, 2022

     New year started a little late for me because of the holiday hangover and the cuddle weather. Even if I want to extend my so-called sabbatical leave on the first month of the year, work is piling up and my planners are waiting. I was checking my calendar this morning and saw that almost three weeks have passed. We’re approaching 11 months of endless opportunities; around 48 weeks and ways to be better; and less than 365 days of unknown possibilities. 

     The power to right our wrongs is upon us but I know some of you asks “COVID-19 has left many feeling displaced. ‘I’m stuck. What can I do? How do I move forward?’ The pandemic has affected us in so many ways, bringing up fear, worry, and even languishing. Well,  Viviamo want to reassure Filipinos that these feelings of hopelessness and despair can be replaced with hope and positivity. That is why they offer you the tools to help you switch from that mindset of ‘simply surviving’ to thriving! We have the power to rewrite our own stories,” shares Viviamo CEO Darlyn Ty-Nilo. More about Viviamo and the 2022 Planners and Journals that will help us thrive in this uncertainty.

Feature: Viviamo 2022 Planners and Journals

Feature: Belle de Jour Power Planners 2021

Monday, December 28, 2020

     We are down to the last chapter of 2020 and despite the negative events happening around us, I want to let you know that "You Got This!" With everything that’s been going on lately surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, it feels as though we haven’t been given enough time to prepare or process the drastic changes that have been happening in our lives. 

     We are all worried and stressed about what’s next but let’s not forget that we are still blessed that’s why think positive and have faith.⁣ With 2021 fast approaching, the planner addict in me is so happy because of these- Crazy About Paper’s 2021 products. I'm so excited to write down everything here. From things to do, schedules, thoughts, and everything in between. I’m inviting you all to start journaling because it is a very enriching habit anyone can pick up. But to make it even more fun, insightful and meaningful for you, let Viviamo, Inc. guide you through the process. Check out the Belle de Jour 2021 planners and paper products after the jump!

Feature: Belle de Jour Power Planners 2021

Ready, Set, G! Your 2020 Goals with Viviamo Planner

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

     We are already done with the first quarter of the year 2020 and a lot of not-so-good-things happened already. Looking back, I was one of those who said "Bring it on, 2020!" because another year is coming which means another chance for new beginnings! The chance could excite us but the change might scare us. Taking on another blank canvass might be too daunting or overwhelming, but that shouldn't stop us from pursuing plans, one step at a time. Then comes January, the first month where I said to myself that I will inspire people to find their own clarity by sharing what I do in Yoga class. I want to inspire those who are struggling in their fitness journey that I now call a health and wellness lifestyle. 

     The first three months were tough with all the news and happenings here and abroad plus the passing of my father but those didn't break me from allowing myself to explore, discover, and design the meaningful life that I want for 2020. Last October 2019, Viviamo!, Inc., the maker of Belle de Jour Power Planner released a new line of products for this year's collection. Each planner is designed to fit different lifestyles and needs while helping its users achieve their goals this year. They sent these tools that can help see the future with focus and clarity, open your eyes to purpose and possibilities, rid your life of clutter, zero in on what's essential, and finally make things happen. Sharing the planners, their features and what's in store in case you are considering getting a Belle de Jour Power Planner next year.

Ready, Set, G! Your 2020 Goals with Viviamo Planner

BDJ Rendezvous “Woman with Vision” + Giveaway!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

     Hello dearies :) Happy weekend! I'm so excited to share with you that BDJ also known as Belle de Jour Power Planner will be having their first BDJ Rendezvous this year entitled, “Woman with Vision” on February 20, 1:00-5:00 pm, at Gateway Mall Activity Area. I'm sure that BDJ girls are really excited to attend this event because it's an afternoon of fun and learning.

     Our friends from BDJ wants to invite three readers of Dear Kitty Kittie Kath to join the first BDJ Rendezvous event for 2016. I'll be sharing with you a quick giveaway today. It's an Instagram giveaway again and all you have to do is follow simple mechanics in order for your entry to be valid. But before we proceed, see the posters below for more information about the event. 
BDJ Rendezvous “Woman with Vision” + Giveaway!
     This event is created to encourage Bellas to have a clear vision of how they want their year to go, engage them in activities that call for introspection and self-reflection, and teach them how to make progress in the areas of their lives that are important to them this 2016.
BDJ Rendezvous “Woman with Vision” + Giveaway!
     Aside from these inspiring and engaging talks, they also prepared games, raffle draws, and lootbags to enjoy from the support of BDJ's 2016 brand partners. How cool is that?! So do you wanna go with me on February 20 at the first BDJ Rendezvous “Woman with Vision” event? Join the Instagram contest now! See mechanics below:

  • Follow @bdjbuzz and @kathneko on Instagram. Be sure to set your profile/account in PUBLIC.
  • Repost the giveaway banner (first photo above) and caption with how do you plan to stay focused in attaining your 2016 goals. Tag us (@bdjbuzz and @kathneko) and use the hashtags #BDJWomanWithVision #BDJat10 #BDJxDKKKGiveaway.
  • Valid entries will be drawn using
  • Winners will be announced on Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's Facebook page on Sunday evening :)

Good luck to all joining! See you there :)

Good Times!~

Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner 2015 Feature

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

     Hi dearies! Merry Christmas! I'm sure all of you are very busy prepping for tonight's Christmas eve celebration. I want to share with you another giveaway and a feature of Belle de Jour Power Planner 2015 edition. Belle de Jour recently launched the 2015 editions planners - Belle de Jour Power Planner (for the Filipina fashionista achievers), NAVI: Your Life Navigator (for those who see life as one big adventure), and Everything is Possible (for those who want to leave a legacy). They also have more products available in all major bookstores and at including our Forget-Me-Not notepads (for ideas, lists, meeting notes, cash and to-do-tracking) and also our BDJ Sticky Notes.

      I'm a certified Bella! This is my 3rd BDJ planner to date and I'm so lovin' their planners because it's not the usual planner- it's chic, very easy to use and there are lots of stuff inside that will make planning and organizing so much easy and really fun! For those of you who still have no idea about this awesome planner, yes it's awesome! Click CONTINUE READING and find out how you can have your own BDJ 2015 Planner for FREE!!!

Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner 2015 Feature + Giveaway!


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