BYS Automatic Eye Pencil

Product Review: BYS Automatic Eye Pencil in 04 Super Soft Black

Friday, July 12, 2013

     This product is an impulse buy but I have no regrets buying it because it was actually a good buy! I'm not a fan of black liners. I find the color too off because I look mataray (snobbish) from the black eyeliners that I've tried before. I'm not sure if that's only my perception when I apply black eyeliner on my eyelids but I always doubt when it's black. I always say to myself  that it's not for me. If there are two things that I regard as my weapon to look simply pretty, that probably the lipstick and eyeliner. I don't know why I got hooked with eyeliners lately. Maybe it's because I noticed my eyelids look different from each other and to mask that I need to apply eyeliners may it be brown-my fave or black. Okay, a NEW fave :)

     So in search of my HG black eyeliner, I secretly spying on three brands whenever I go window shopping at malls around my area. Every time I swatch a gel or pencil eyeliner, I always have doubts inside my head. Aside from the brand, I always check the price. As I've said on the the very first paragraph of this post, it's an impulse buy. It happened months ago when I dropped by at Watsons Sm Fairview just to replenish my stock of Purederm Makeup Remover Wipes. The SA approached me and said she wanted to try their eyeliner on my eyelids since I'm not wearing my fave Choco eyeliner from Virginia Olsen that day. I was convinced because I saw a lady who just bought this and purchased three different colors. Well, I should thank her if ever we'll cross our paths again because my impulse buy is really worth it!
BYS Automatic Eye Pencil in 04 Super Soft Black
This automatic wind up eyeliner pencil makes for easy and handy application. Black is the must have shade and with a slightly harder lead will create fine lines and definition.


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