On Holding On and Letting Go

Friday, February 17, 2023

     It has been three years since my father joined the creator yet all the memories we've created at home stayed the same. Tears kept falling down whenever I hear his favorite songs and there was a pain in my heart seeing the places we'd been to. I can say that nothing compares to the father-daughter relationship we've established at home that's why when I saw Maxene Magalona's #HerFirstLove video, I felt the need to pen a letter to my first love too.

     Papalits as we fondly call him is my first love. I can still remember his struggles in raising a family. He's not a perfect father because my mother sacrificed a lot in order to keep our family complete. Being the eldest, I witnessed the trials that my parents went through and how they lived by the saying "through thick and thin." I know that Papalits is in heaven smiling down at me. There are many words left unspoken in the last few days that I was not able to tell him. Since I have a strong internet connection at home, I do hope that this letter will reach heaven. 

On Holding On and Letting Go 
Mandatory photo with Papalits every time we are in the hospital for his check-up.

     Papalits, I know you are always watching us. I can imagine how proud you are of Kenzo and his achievements at school. I can hear you saying that I'm on the right path and doing the right decisions in my life right now. I agree with you that having a family is not easy. There will always be bumps along the way but communication is always the key if there are misunderstandings. 

     Thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally and for trusting me in my decisions. Thank you for letting go of me when I decided to have my own family and for all the guidance from the day I learned how to play the piano until your last days with us. You are in pain yet you still think of our welfare. I was not able to tell you how much I love you and grateful to have you as my father before you left but I was able to say it to you on your last birthday here on earth. Thank you for teaching us to love unconditionally. Thank you for being the best grandfather to your grandchildren. Thank you for always giving us a reason to stay at home because it's where our bonding and connection happen. I will be forever grateful for having you as my father. If God will give me a chance to have another father again, I will still choose you, Papalits. 

On Holding On and Letting Go 
One of the many bonding photos that we will always treasure. 

     I can truly relate to Maxene's video on #HerFirstLove. Just like her, I can say that a strong connection starts at home. The father and daughter love they established resemble the relationship that I have with Papalits. We may argue about different things in life but we always choose to let go of the negative things. We hold on to what's important in life, the unconditional love that makes life worth living. We always make sure to communicate things in a nice way if there's a misunderstanding. I truly believe that a stronger connection starts at home. 

On Holding On and Letting Go 

     #HerFirstLove is PLDT Home’s Valentine's Day campaign this 2023. The story will remind us of the warmth of our first love. It aims to inspire people to share their first love- story to the world through heartwarming true-to-life stories from home presented by PLDT Home.

Watch the PLDT Home’s Valentine’s Day video featuring Maxene Magalona here: http://pldthome.info/HerFirstLoveMommyKath

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