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Monday, September 28, 2020

     Let's talk about one subject that everyone hates- M.A.T.H. Yes, this subject has been dreaded since time immemorial. Even yours truly is frightened whenever my son tells me that he has homework in Math. I'm not a fan of this subject, in fact, I hate it too or should I say it's my waterloo. Lol! Fast forward today, I was shocked when I discovered that he'll be studying this subject in distance learning using the Singapore Math approach. As a parent who feels uneasy teaching Math, I'm having second thoughts if my son will understand the lesson properly online.

     I believe that in order for the child to understand the lesson, parents must know the lesson. The pandemic has caused anxiety and stress to all and it continues to change states of living across the world. We need to adjust in academics, hygiene, modern workplace, habits and behaviors. In line with these developments, the instructional video platform, V-DOSE Education, was created. In order to enhance learning and satisfy the curiosity of thousands of people experiencing the world through the Internet, V-DOSE Education brings the craft and knowledge of educators across various fields unto a visual storytelling stage. I got relieved when I attended the virtual conference weeks ago because this kind of platform is a big help for parents who are also struggling to teach their child, especially in Mathematics. More information about V-Dose Education after the jump!

V-DOSE Education Guided Singapore Math with Michelle Reyes
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V-DOSE Education
  • Its first product tackles the pertinent needs of families currently conforming to distance learning and working from home. 
  • In a tutorial series of videos focused on the highly-regarded Singapore Math approach, V-DOSE Education enlists the expertise of My Study Partner, Inc.’s founder-teacher, Michelle Reyes, in equipping parents for the role of an elementary math tutor. 
  • Michelle Reyes of MyStudyPartner and an educator for 35 years discovered that teaching Math to her own child was a challenge.
  • She learned of Singapore Math, an approach used by leading global educational institutions and studied the teaching techniques involved.
  • To help other parents with children studying through distance-learning, Michelle partnered with V-DOSE Education to make learning Singapore Math fun, exciting, and easy with a complete series of focused tutorial videos.

V-DOSE Education Guided Singapore Math with Michelle Reyes My Study Partner, Inc.’s founder-teacher, Michelle Reyes

Guided Singapore Math with Michelle Reyes
  • Feature four modules per grade level from grades 2 to 6 through a digital course that includes textbooks from Marshall-Cavendish and respective answer keys. 
  • Each lesson on the module is detailed by Reyes, whose 30-year teaching career spans from the US to the Philippines with thousands of students successfully taught through this tricky subject. 
  • Singapore Math has been used worldwide in top educational institutions since the 1980s. 
  • Elementary students from Singapore have consistently placed among the top of international math testing standards precisely because of this approach. The prestigious method of math effectively develops mastery in students through a 3part technique – Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract – that outperforms simple memorization. 
  • From hands-on application to visual understanding, students are able to grasp abstract concepts and retain the lesson, ultimately developing such skills as mental computation and even teaching the exercise to another. 

V-DOSE Education Guided Singapore Math with Michelle ReyesMy Study Partner, Inc.’s founder-teacher, Michelle Reyes

     V-DOSE Education takes on the challenges of distance learning and rallies behind parents through the New Normal. Through consistent practice and teamwork between the parent and student, V-DOSE Education aims to develop mastery over math. I enrolled my son in their 30-day crash course and yes, I'm excited to learn the techniques that Michelle Reyes will teach my son. Having this kind of tutor who is an expert in the said subject will really help my son and will encourage him to love Math at an early age. No more Math phobia. With the help of V-Dose Education and Michelle Reyes, let's break the Math stigma.

     Besides academic advancement, availing of Guided Singapore Math with Michelle Reyes also supports My Study Partner Foundation, Inc., which provides financial and educational support to foster children in the Philippines. 

Guided Singapore Math with Michelle Reyes is now available for purchase and download on www.vdose-edu.com.
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  1. While others hate Mathematics, I find it fun and challenging. Thankyou for this V-Dose education because many students this will make them learn Math in easy and fun ways as they will teach the techniques about problem solving and understand the numbers.

  2. Laking help to kahit ako hirap sa math maganda nga tlga na bata plang nagaguide na sa math a

  3. Yes mommy Kath I also hate Math subject elementary days, high-school days even now na may mga anak na po ako. Tanungin nyo na po ako wag Lang about Math. 😁 Maganda po eto mommy for our kids. May guide na po tayo sa pagtuturo saknila ng Math subject nila.😊 Very helpful and useful po eto lalo na po ngayon na homeschooling po ang ating mga kids.😍


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