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V-DOSE Education Guided Singapore Math with Michelle Reyes

Monday, September 28, 2020

     Let's talk about one subject that everyone hates- M.A.T.H. Yes, this subject has been dreaded since time immemorial. Even yours truly is frightened whenever my son tells me that he has homework in Math. I'm not a fan of this subject, in fact, I hate it too or should I say it's my waterloo. Lol! Fast forward today, I was shocked when I discovered that he'll be studying this subject in distance learning using the Singapore Math approach. As a parent who feels uneasy teaching Math, I'm having second thoughts if my son will understand the lesson properly online.

     I believe that in order for the child to understand the lesson, parents must know the lesson. The pandemic has caused anxiety and stress to all and it continues to change states of living across the world. We need to adjust in academics, hygiene, modern workplace, habits and behaviors. In line with these developments, the instructional video platform, V-DOSE Education, was created. In order to enhance learning and satisfy the curiosity of thousands of people experiencing the world through the Internet, V-DOSE Education brings the craft and knowledge of educators across various fields unto a visual storytelling stage. I got relieved when I attended the virtual conference weeks ago because this kind of platform is a big help for parents who are also struggling to teach their child, especially in Mathematics. More information about V-Dose Education after the jump!

V-DOSE Education Guided Singapore Math with Michelle Reyes
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