How to Deal With Nausea Caused By Birth Control

Friday, July 10, 2020

     Birth control pills have been the most popular method of preventing pregnancy in women since they were first adopted in 1960. Many women do not experience any side effects from taking them. However, a large portion will experience bouts of nausea, especially in the first three months of taking the pills. Here are a few tips on how to manage nausea after taking the pills.

How to Deal With Nausea Caused By Birth Control

Why Does the Pill Cause Nausea?

     The pill has a high amount of estrogen, especially in the case of emergency contraceptives. This hormone is known to cause stomach upset, which results in nausea. Studies indicate that the hormone relaxes the smooth muscles in the stomach lining, which, in turn, changes the way a stomach empties its contents. Nausea is most common when getting started with the birth control pills but becomes mild as the body adjusts.

How Do You Prevent Nausea? 

     It is recommended that you avoid taking birth control pills on an empty stomach. Consider taking them with a snack or dinner. If that is not possible, try using anti-acid medication at least half an hour before taking them. Both of these tricks will help to calm your stomach.

     On the other hand, if you are taking an emergency pill, consider talking to a physician for some anti-nausea medicine beforehand. This is an important step if you have experienced nausea in the past. Emergency pills that only contain progestin cause fewer cases of nausea than those that combine progestin and estrogen.

How to Treat Nausea 

     There is no specific treatment that works for all women. However, several natural remedies can relieve the condition. Fortunately, most of them are readily available at home. Here are just a few:

Take Ginger in Water or Drink 

     Fresh ginger or drinks that contain ginger, such as ginger tea or certain soft drinks, can help deal with bouts of mild nausea, as shown in several clinical studies. Take a few sips of your ginger drink soon after taking the pill. Some women experience relief by just smelling some fresh ginger. Besides, ginger may have other positive effects on your body.

Eat Light Plain Foods 

     When taking the pill, ensure that the most recent meal is light and made of simple foods such as cereals, bread, and crackers. It is good to take several smaller meals than a few heavy ones. If not, avoid any food with very strong flavors and greasy or very sweet foods. Additionally, it's good to have a cool drink, preferably with mild flavors, after the daily dose.

Light Activity after Your Meals 

     If you take your pill with the meals, avoid taking up strenuous physical activity immediately afterward. As said earlier, birth control pills can cause the side effect of changing how your stomach empties food. Physical exercise may accelerate this process and increase the feeling of nausea.

Relax Your Body 

     Studies have shown that deep relaxation may help relieve bouts of nausea. Consider taking up some yoga exercises or just several deep breaths with controlled relaxation. Do not wait for nausea to start for your breathing exercises. Instead, start your relaxation exercises within five minutes after taking the pill. 

When to Seek Medical Care 

     Most women experience bouts of mild nausea for a few days, and then they are good to go. However, if you still have problems with nausea even after trying the remedies stated above, you may need to see a doctor. Similarly, if nausea causes you to vomit, has gone on for days or causes a disruption of your daily life, seek medical attention. Some of the popular prescriptions for nausea include Meclizine, Dramamine, and Zofran. If these do not work, the doctor may recommend a low estrogen pill or advise you to change the birth control method. Remember, do not stop taking the pill without an alternative birth control method if you are sexually active. Speak to a doctor about other alternatives.

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