4 Excellent Reasons to Have Your Teeth Cleaned

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

     While you already do a great job of brushing and flossing, there’s one more element of your dental hygiene routine that needs attention. Having your teeth cleaned by a professional at least once or twice a year will do quite a bit for your teeth. If you’re wondering why you should find time for teeth cleaning in Barrie, ON in the midst of your busy schedule, here are four excellent reasons to consider. 

4 Excellent Reasons to Have Your Teeth Cleaned
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Cleaning Reduces the Risk of Developing Cavities

     It would be nice to keep your permanent teeth well into your retirement years. The brushing and flossing that you already do is key to making that happen. Choosing to have a dental cleaning annually or semi-annually boosts the potential for remaining free of cavities. 

     That’s because the cleaning removes plaque and other residues that may be left even after your brushing and regular use of floss. Thanks to this concerted effort, there is less potential for damage to the enamel that would pave the way for tooth decay to develop. 

Heading Off the Potential for Gum Disease

     The same plaque that increases the potential for cavities can also have an effect on your gums. When the plaque is able to work below the gum line, infections can set in and cause quite a bit of pain. The infections can also result in damage to the tooth roots. If that happens, the possibility of losing more teeth is quite real. 

     Professional teeth cleaning involves looking closely around the gum line and getting rid of any residue that’s present. At the same time, the professional can examine the condition of the gums. If there are any signs of discoloration, swelling, or other complications, it will be possible to treat the condition before things can get worse. 

Improving Your Smile

     Plaque and residue have a way of dulling the appearance of your teeth. While you’ll remove quite a bit with your brushing and flossing, adding regular teeth cleanings to your dental care will improve the way your teeth look. It’s easy to see the difference if you look in the mirror prior to cleaning and then check your smile afterward. Your smile was nice before, but now it’s even nicer. That alone makes the trip to the dental clinic worth the time and effort. 

Enjoying Exceptionally Fresh Breath

     There’s another perk associated with teeth cleanings that you should consider. Once the cleaning is done, your mouth will have a tingling sensation that you’ll find quite pleasant. When you inhale, the sensation is much stronger than using some type of breath mint. That fresh feeling will be with you for several hours at least. 

     It’s not just how fresh your mouth feels to you. The cleaning also helps to freshen your breath. That will last until it’s time for your next meal. Even after that, brushing will help restore most of that heightened sensation of freshness and clean breath. That’s something you and everyone around you will enjoy. 

     There are many other reasons to add teeth cleanings to your dental hygiene efforts. Schedule an appointment with your dentist and talk about all the advantages that come with this type of treatment. It won’t take long to see why cleanings should be an essential part of your plan to take proper care of the teeth and gums.

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