Complete the Festivity with Virginia Season's Delight Ham

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

     Today is the day! Time to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year and the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. As a tradition, we Filipinos go gaga on how to make Noche Buena special and one for the books. We always make sure that when the clock hits midnight, our grazing table is filled with delectable dishes that will satisfy our love ones.

     Noche Buena is a once a year occasion that's why preparing special dishes is a must. One of the food entrees that we are looking forward to enjoy is Christmas Hams and this year, we discovered a brand with ham variants that will complete the festivity- Virginia Season's Delight Ham. All I can say is yum, yum, yum! Know more about Virginia Christmas Hams after the jump!

Complete the Festivity with Virginia Season's Delight Ham

Virginia Food Inc.,

     Virginia Food Inc. is a food manufacturing company established in 1982 as a separate entity from Virginia Farms, Inc. The company has a plant in Cogon, Compostela, Cebu wherein all the Canned Goods Line and Frozen products are being produced. The company is continuously improving the manufacturing facility located in Compostela, Cebu. Among many new developments, the company has recently invested in a new cold storage facility in the quest of providing customers with the highest and most dependable quality products that customers have come to know and love.

     Virginia Food, Inc. products are guaranteed Safe and ASF Free since their imported raw meat supply comes from ASF-free countries and local supply comes from the province of Cebu. Their manufacturing facility is compliant with the implementing rules and regulations of the National Meat Inspection Service and Food and Drug Administration for Food Safety Standards.

Virginia Season's Delight Ham

     Made from specially selected ingredients, giving you that sweet and salty meaty flavor with a hint of sweet-sour pineapple taste. Available in ready to serve 1kg size. We love this ham so much! It's savory and has the right taste of sweet, salty, and sour flavors. I ate this two ways: with rice and in a sandwich. I can't get enough of the taste. This is ideal if you are preparing a grazing table with cheese, biscuits, fruits, and other items for your holiday spread.

Complete the Festivity with Virginia Season's Delight Ham

Pear-Shaped Ham

     Elegantly molded and mildly seasoned, it’s a guaranteed holiday delight that’s definitely worth the price. Available in ready-to-serve 500g, 800g, and 1kg sizes. If you are planning to give a simple gift to your neighbors and friends like food to eat for Noche Buena, this is one affordable choice because of its availability. 

Complete the Festivity with Virginia Season's Delight Ham

Virginia Brick Ham

     Virginia Brick Ham is a square-shaped ham made from carefully selected ingredients. The product is coated in a specially made pineapple glaze. It has a juicy and tender meat texture with a meaty, sweet-sour flavor profile. Available in ready-to-serve 500g size. Holidays will be over soon but not with this Virginia Brick Ham. This one reminds me of the regular ham that can be used for sandwiches and 'baon'. So in order for you to still feel the festivity after the holidays, this one is a must. 

Complete the Festivity with Virginia Season's Delight Ham

Virginia Jamon de Bola

     A round-shaped ham that is made from the choicest ingredients of ground meat and spices. It is coated with glaze and has a sweet-salty and smoky-meaty flavor. Available in ready-to-serve 1kg size.

Complete the Festivity with Virginia Season's Delight Ham

Virginia Pear-Shaped Chicken Ham

     Satisfy your palate with the richness of Virginia’s Chicken Pear-Shaped Ham, a ham blended with the finest ingredients to give you that sweet aroma and uniquely juicy flavor. Available in ready-to-serve 800g size. This ham is perfect for those non-pork eaters because it's made of chicken meat. This is the ham for muscle builders like me! I love that I can still enjoy the holidays eating ham without guilt. 

Complete the Festivity with Virginia Season's Delight Ham

Virginia Christmas Hams are available in Factory Outlets and Supermarkets nationwide.

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