Saving Money for Your Family Holiday - 4 Tips for Some Extra Cash

Thursday, April 25, 2019

     It’s that time of year again where we’re all planning our annual family getaways. Whether you’re planning to jet off on an airplane to sunnier climes or you’re exploring your home country and staying somewhere new, there’s nothing better than that feeling of leaving your everyday life behind and making some wonderful memories that everyone will cherish. 

     However many families feel immense pressure when it comes to financing their family holidays, not only worrying about paying off the holiday in time, but also having enough money to spend while they’re away. Not to mention purchasing new holiday clothes, suitcases, transport to your destination, etc – it all adds up! It’s times like this that we wish we all had some family investments hidden somewhere - to find out more about investment pieces, click the link. But don’t worry, I’ve rounded up 4 tips you can use to gather up a little extra money for your trip. Whether it pays towards your accommodation or extra ice cream or two, every little help!

Saving Money for Your Family Holiday - 4 Tips for Some Extra Cash

Reduce your energy bills

     Luckily, with the warmer weather on the way you’re hopefully not using the heating as much. However, there are still ways you can reduce your energy bills and put the extra money aside for your holiday. Go online and see if you can switch to a cheaper provider. Many of us don’t even know what tariff we’re on and could be paying over the odds for our utilities. Switch to LED lighting, which is cheaper, lasts longer, and is more efficient than traditional energy-saving bulbs. Things, like switching off lights after you leave a room and not leaving electrical items on standby, will also help lower your bills. 

Check what you have

     Before you head to the shops to buy yourself and the kids a whole new holiday wardrobe, head to your closet and drawers and see what you already have from last year. Summer clothes often get lost underneath all our heavy winter attire, so have a good rummage and see what you can use again. Have a good look for sunglasses, hats and flip flops too. And the kids can always wear hand-me-downs – it’ll save you a small fortune! 

Do things that are free

     Amusement parks, arcades, the cinema all these activities are great, but they also cost a lot of money. In the run-up to your holiday, try to do things as a family that is 100% free. Like heading out for a family walk and taking a picnic along, going to a new exhibition at your local museum, visit places of interest that request a donation rather than an entrance fee. Head to your local library or even social media and see what free events are coming up in your local area. 

No more takeaways

     For most of us, a takeaway is the best way to end a busy week. But they’re not budget-friendly. Instead, try to recreate one at home and try to stick to a weekly meal plan. It will save you a fortune. 

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