Why Petron Gasul?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

     One of the basic commodities that we use to cook our food every day is "cooking gas" or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Since we use it most of the time, I believe that it is best to buy the brand with the highest quality. It's easy to use an LPG but there are risks when you don't know how to use it properly. 

     For a stay-at-home like me, quality is of utmost importance. I don't mind paying extra if I believe in the product's quality and performance. If the product is worth the price, I will make sure to buy it, especially if it's all about safety. That's why when choosing an LPG brand, we look for the one with sakto, sulit, and safe features and these qualities can be found in Petron Gasul. Sharing my thoughts Why Petron Gasul is one of the best and trusted LPG brand in the market today below :)

Why Petron Gasul?
     Petron Gasul is the highest quality LPG brand in the market today. It is sakto, sulit and safe that's why I can say it's the best when it comes to quality. Why?

1. It is sakto- the weight of every cylinder is correct and accurate.
2. It is sulit- emitting a true blue flame for faster and more economical cooking. Have you ever tried another brand of LPG where you see an orange flame? Chances are, there's is something wrong with the gas burner or in the LPG being used.
3. It is safe- Petron Gasul's strict standard will assure us that it's leak-free and has a laser-printed seal as proof of passing through numerous safety tests.

Why Petron Gasul?

Know your Petron Gasul more:

     Did you know that there are illegal refillers of LPG products in the market today? Yes, those are who obtain empty, legitimate LPG tanks of big brands and refill them to pass as genuine. This is dangerous for you and your family. Having this said, we really need to be vigilant in buying LPG tank that we use at home. 

Why Petron Gasul?

     Order only from AUTHORIZED PETRON GASUL DEALERS and double-check authenticity. Our family's safety is important to us that's why we need to be meticulous and must verify their source of LPG that we buy every now and then.

Importance of Ordering from Petron Gasul Authorized Dealer Stores:

1. You'll be assured of safety, quality, and convenience. When these are met, you and your family will have a peace-of-mind and security of their choice.
  • Tanks bought from authorized dealers regularly undergo leak testing at various LPG terminals nationwide. 
  • They are assured that tanks are maintained and repaired as needed while tanks that are illegally or independently refilled (smaller players) might not undergo the same quality of safety checks.
  • Those that are legitimately bought from authorized dealers are subject to technical warranty and leak testing.

Why Petron Gasul?

2. Petron Gasul has been in the industry for more than 50 years. It has proven, time and again, that it is the most tested and trusted brand out there. More and more moms use Petron Gasul. If my memory serves me right, we've been using Petron Gasul since time immemorial. Those were the times that we still have a bakery. 

Why Petron Gasul?

3. Always verify your Petron Gasul. There are steps to do to ensure quality and safety:
  • Check the seal – color should be white with a laser-printed serial number. (Laser-printing is a form of printing that does not fade when scratched) 
  • You may call Petron Gasul Express Delivery Hotline (737-8000) in Metro Manila. When you order, they assure you that the Petron Gasul that will be delivered is sakto, sulit and safe and is from an authorized dealer. 

Why Petron Gasul?
Laser-printed serial number

4. Petron Gasul always offers one of the BEST deals. 
  • You can SAVE P10 on Petron Gasul 11KG refill upon presentation of Petron Value Card at participating Petron Gasul stores. 
  • You can also earn Petron Value Card Points (1 point for every P100 Petron Gasul 11kg refill. 1 point = P1) when purchasing Petron Gasul 11 KG at participating Petron stations.

Why Petron Gasul?

5. Petron Gasul shares The BEST recipes and kitchen tips that are posted regularly on the official Facebook page.

     My family's safety is my number one priority that's why I make sure to do my best by making sure that we use one of the tested and trusted brand of LPG in the market and that's no other than Petron Gasul. 

To get the BEST tips and know more about how you can get you own Petron Gasul from authorized dealers. 
Call them on their hotline: Petron Gasul Delivery 737-8000 (Metro Manila) for sakto, sulit, safe Petron Gasul 
See the list of authorized dealers here: https://goo.gl/C4FwYN
Like them on Facebook: Petron Gasul 

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  1. Hi Ms Kath Petron Gas tank din kami subok na namin mahirap kapag magtry pa ng iba na dito subok na 😍

  2. Ayan din ang gamit na min ms. Kath super tipid at talaga na man kampante ako sa pagluluto.. Lalo pa ngayon na dapat piliin natin ang safe tayo dahil. No1 cause ng sunog ang tangke.. Lalo na kung hindi safe ang bibilihin..


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