How to Make your Garden Bloom with Lilies and Other Flowers

Monday, February 04, 2019

     With spring approaching it is time to start thinking about what flowers you want blossoming in your garden. In this post, we will look at the best time to plant and water your garden to get the best results and keep your garden colourful, aromatic, and light.

How to Make your Garden Bloom with Lilies and Other Flowers
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When to Plant your Flowers

     Depending on the type of flower you have decided to plant will determine when you put them in the soil. There are a few factors to consider here. They are:

     If you live in a particularly cold climate you may get better results if you plant later in the year. Lilies are always a good idea. This beautiful flower ideally should be planted in the autumn and bloom the following summer. If your country is on the cold side, however, you will get better results planting in the spring.

     It is important that you plant your flowers according to how much light they need. Choose shady areas for flowers that require less sun, while plants that require as much sun as possible should be planted in sun-drenched areas of the garden.

Soil Type

     Getting the soil type right is important too. Different soil has different properties some of which will help your chosen flower grow healthily and others not so much. You can change the soil type to make it more suitable and this is good practice.

     Drainage is also important with some plants preferring fast-draining soil while others require the opposite. Again, you can modify the soil accordingly before planting.


     Some plants require different levels of watering and it is a good idea to follow the instructions on the seed or bulb packet. Lilies, for example, need plenty of watering during active growth especially if rainfall is less than one inch per week.

     If you follow this for each type of flower you have you will see better results. Flowers make a garden and with a little bit of thought, you can have the colorful garden you have always dreamed of.

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