Feature: Presotea

Saturday, February 02, 2019

     Being a self-professed milk tea addict, I've tried almost all what they claim to be the "best milk tea in town". When the milk tea craze started some 10 years ago, they were all rooting for the original pearl milk tea, then comes matcha milk tea, milk tea with foam and toppings ranging from pearl, pudding, jelly, beans, and other add ons that I forgot the name.

     Fast forward today, milk tea shops sprouted like mushrooms in every corner of the metro. Brands are still offering different flavors, toppings, combinations to entice the milk tea lovers palate but only one has a unique way of preparing them- fresh and healthy, enter Preso Tea

Feature: Presotea 
Signature Tea Latte with Pearl for me while Creamy Brown Sugar Milk Tea for Kenzo

     Presotea is a Taiwan original brand. They introduced the world's first premium tea brewing process using a special espresso machine inspired by Western technology and Eastern tea culture. Because of this process, customers are ensured to enjoy freshly brewed tea which locked the tea and fresh fruit flavors. Upon ordering, the barista will press the teabag of choice in the tea press. It's one to one basis, one tea bag for each cup of tea. This only means that you will enjoy and savor the flavor of your chosen tea base for you to enjoy the freshness and quality of their tea in every cup they serve. 

Feature: Presotea
L- Tea bags inside the container R- The barista and the tea press

      During the soft opening of their second branch in Robinsons Magnolia, they allowed us to sample the base teas of their 10 best-selling flavors for both milk and fruit teas. The base teas they use are peach, ceylon, genmaicha, earl grey, jasmine, blueberry, camellia, ali-shan, and roasted oolong. 

Feature: Presotea 

     I noticed that their tea bags are handcrafted. The flavor is already in the tea and no artificial or food colorings used like with other milk tea shops who use fruit flavorings if you order blueberry or peach tea. This only means that you get all the natural goodness of your chosen tea in every cup you order. 

Feature: Presotea 

     I ordered their Signature Tea Latte with Pearl while Kenzo tried the Creamy Brown Sugar Milk Tea. I love oolong tea because it boosts metabolism. Some say it's great for losing and managing weight. Presotea offers different flavors using oolong as the base tea. Their top 10 drinks (Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato with Red Bean, Blueberry Aloe Vera (My personal favorite) Signature Fruit Tea Fusion, A-li-shan Iced Tea, Signature Tea Latte with Pearl, PPJ Milk Tea, Matcha Latte with Red Bean and White Pearl, QQ Passion Fruit Tea, White Peach Tea Macchiato, Apple Passion Yakult) are a mix of milk and fruit teas that's why if you are counting your calorie intake, order one of the fruit teas or stick with any milk tea offerings because with 100% sugar, it's not too sweet. I think the secret here lies on how they prepare the tea- one bag to one cup. You get to taste the rich flavor of the tea and no need to lessen the sugar level if you have sweet tooth. My milk tea usually has 0-30% sugar but with Presotea, 50-70% will do. 

Milk, Fruit, or Freshly Brewed Tea at Presotea?

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