Activities for Kids this Summer

Saturday, February 16, 2019

     Summer is one of the happiest seasons for the kids and kids at heart! Think about not waking up early, staying at home and playing! I presume that parents are thinking of ways on how to make their kids' summer vacation productive and lots of fun by now.

     What is your child doing this summer? There are so many activities, workshops, and camps to join to make your child's summer exciting and full of learnings at the same time. My son joined sports clinic last year and he enjoyed it so much that why he's excited what's in store for him this year. Sharing some summer activities that your kids should try and the importance of this experience in developing their talents.

Activities for Kids this Summer
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Develop Sportsmanship and Camaraderie

     In this category, the parents aim their children to develop a sound mind and body through sports. The activities here are usually offered in schools and subdivisions. The child will also learn camaraderie and sportsmanship which are essential in their growth and development. Basketball, volleyball swimming, and taekwondo are some of the famous categories in this kind of summer activities.

Learn Cooking and Baking 

     There are a number of parents who want their child to become a famous chef or baker that's why they enroll their kids in cooking or baking class. This is also a stepping stone for kids to learn the basics of preparing food especially when one decides to live on their own in the future.

Nurture the Gift in Music, Arts, Theater, Dance, and Ballet

     This is one of the underrated summer activities because when one says "My son is going to art camp this summer" or "She is joining the dance class", other parents would presume that it's expensive or the camp is boring but think again.

Activities for Kids this Summer

     When you see a budding potential in your child, you have to nurture the gift. This kind of category focuses on developing not only the physiological aspects of the child but also mentally and emotionally. It is in these areas where parents should focus because it helps in developing a sharper mind and confidence in kids these days. Did you know that nurturing the gift at an early age will help
you discover and develop your child's talent and passion that's why this year, I'm letting Kenzo join in one of the Promil Four iShine Talent Camp? The aim of this camp is to let kids enhance their skills in performing and visual arts through mental, physical and social stimulation workshops.

Activities for Kids this Summer

Be the next successful i-Shiners like Worth, Esang, and Shaira

Worth Lodriga- an 8-year-old Filipino artist who has a strong passion and love for the arts. He creates colorful masterpieces that will surely brighten a gloomy day.

Esang de Torres-  is a Filipina child singer and stage actress best known for portraying Lea Salonga's 'MiniMe' on ABS-CBN's It's Showtime and joining the second season of The Voice Kids Philippines, ultimately picking Lea Salonga as her coach.

Shaira Luna- was known as a "Promil Kid" and a "gifted child" in the 90's. She is one of the celebrated Filipina photographers in the local fashion scene taking photos of Philippine celebrities.

Activities for Kids this Summer
L-R: Worth Lodriga, Esang de Torres, Shaira Luna

     My son, Kenzo likes to dance. He's into all the trending dance crazes or steps he sees on YouTube. There were times that I see him struggling on learning the step/s that's why I want him to join in Promil Four iShine Dance Camp headed by Teacher Georcell of G-Force. I know that I made the best decision for my son this summer and hopefully, he will enjoy the class while I nurture the gift with the help of Promil Four.

     What is your child doing this summer? 
Join Promil Four iShine Talent Camp!!!

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  1. gwapo ni Enzo sa outfit niya😍
    Agree Ms Kath, looking forward din ako sa summer para medyo makapahinga pero ung utak ko nag iisip ng pagkaka abalahan ng kids. Talent camp is such a good start to hone skills and talent , been wanting this pero not muna for financial reasons lalo na magsu summer class si 2nd ko. Perhaps outdoor activities will do or if my plan will push through, might visit Baguio. Salamat Ms Kath ☺️

    1. Hi Lovell,

      Thank you! Yes, pag summer tayo nakakapagpahinga. Maganda may activities or talent camp ang mga bata kasi mas nadedevelop nila ito.


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