How to Wear the Title of “Cool Mom” Without Sacrificing Parenting Skills

Sunday, January 27, 2019

     When you’re kids are small, it’s your responsibility to take care of them, being that they don’t have the physical or mental capabilities to do so themselves. Being a parent during that phase in their life, was easy. If you made macaroni and cheese for dinner, they loved you to the moon and back for that (cool mom for the win), but as they get older, it gets a little harder.

     Once they hit the age of five to seven years of age, you have to get a little more creative in your entertaining efforts. At that age, kids enjoy coloring and things of that nature but now they’re also discovering their independence. So with them entering this new realm of self-discovery, you have to be very strategic. 

How to Wear the Title of “Cool Mom” Without Sacrificing Parenting Skills

     The key is to find them somewhere that they can learn while having fun. Once you’ve mastered that, you score yet again as being a cool mom! The aspect of being a cool mom goes way beyond the amount of money you spend on them or the time you’ve sacrificed for them… it’s a matter if the heart, essentially.

     Now there will come a time where you will have to loosen the reigns a bit, and as a mother, that can be very hard… Here is this person you’ve known their entire life, and all of a sudden, they grow up on you and don’t need you as much as they used to? 

     Don’t get it in your head that your kids don’t need you. They absolutely do need you. Their increase in independence is just a tribute to how well you’ve done with your parenting skills. But, this can also be another opportunity for you to earn another score as being the “cool mom!” 

     If you’ve hit that stage with your tween to a teenage kid, check out these ways you can still be an important factor in their life without sacrificing your parenting skills.
A Cool Mom is Supportive of Their Interests

     As a mom, you are your child’s biggest cheerleader. You are definitely that mom in the stands screaming louder than anyone in the stands! And you don’t care because that is your child out there! Being supportive of their interest means being there for them.

     Being there for your child might sound easy to you as if every parent should know that, but not every parent does know that or is able to do that, and if you’re able to be supportive for your child in that way, then good job mom… you score another point!

     Another aspect of being supportive of their interests is being part of their athletic career. A lot of times, kids show an interest in sports at a very young age. When you notice that, it’s very important to strike while the iron is hot! 

     If your child happens to be interested in soccer, supporting their athletic career includes making sure they’re equipped with the right gear and getting them engaged in training camps. Don't limit yourself to only local camps. This will show that you really believe in their talents.

A Cool Mom is Confident

     Being the cool and confident mother that you are, means that you recognize the fact that you have a responsibility to protect a child that is growing and maturing into their own person, and needs to make their own decisions. In other words, let your child have their privacy… stop hovering.

     The key thing to remember about being a cool mom is that it’s not about your reputation, it’s about how you parent your child. As a confident mom, you should be able to parent your child in a way that they can have a good relationship with you all while knowing your non-negotiables and lines they should not cross. 

A Cool Mom Chooses Her Battles

     Choosing your battles isn’t about letting your child win something. It’s about setting boundaries. There should be clear-cut boundaries on things you will and will not accept from your kid. Once those boundaries are set, your child will know to not even think about crossing them.

     For example, your tween or teenager may really want a tattoo, but they know better than to ask you that (tattoos are one of your non-negotiables). So instead they ask you if they can dye their hair. In your mind, you’re thinking absolutely not! But to meet them halfway, you agree in letting them get a rinse A rinse is hair color that easily washes out with a few washes. 

     You’re letting them get what they want, but still not without breaking a non-negotiable you’ve set for yourself as a parent… cool mom wins the game!


  1. Divine Labbuanan-CabralJanuary 29, 2019 at 6:19 PM

    Super agree mamsh!!!
    Sarap maging nanay!!!

    1. Hi Divine,

      Thanks for this and for sharing your thoughts. Totoo yan!

  2. Wow. Thanks for this Miss Kath. Medyo nakakakaba na pala noh? When they reach the stage na di na sya clingy si baby mo sayo. May sarili ng mundo. I will apply this one. At ying mga naranasan ko noong bata pa ko hehe. :) Thanks Miss Kath. Very informative

    1. Hi Queen A,

      Yes, totoo yan. As in nakaka-paranoid din kung ano na mangyayari nila pag di mo sila kasama na. But need natin maging panatag at dasal lagi para sa mabuti.


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