7 Easy Fashion Tips for Moms

Saturday, December 15, 2018

      As a mom, you have so much on your plate already. You’re juggling your kids, your household, and maybe even your own career. How are you also supposed to find time to look your best? Fashion and motherhood don’t always go hand-in-hand. 

      Sometimes that last thing you care about is how put-together your outfit looks today. That’s totally fine, and we all have to approach every day differently. Feeling motivated every day to go that extra mile for fashion isn’t always easy. This guide will help make fashion more attainable, even if you only have a few extra minutes in the morning. Here are 7 easy fashion tips that are designed with moms in mind. 

7 Easy Fashion Tips for Moms
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1. Accessorize

     The fastest way to improve your look in just a few seconds is to add a few accessories. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy the most expensive jewelry, but having a few nice pieces that make a statement will help balance your overall look. 

     One accessory that’s actually super functional to have as a mom is a watch. How often do you lose track of time? If you’re like most moms, probably too often to count! Having a watch makes it easy to check the time without having to pull out your mobile phone. Visit Watchshopping online to discover your match made in heaven, with lots of watch styles and brands to choose from.

2. Comfy and Fashionable Shoes

     Like accessories, the right shoes will go a long way to make you look put together. Skip the sandals and sneakers if you can and find a comfy pair that works with most outfits. One great choice is a low heel. Of course, you don’t want to wear stilettos to pick up your kids from school, but booties with a low heel look great all year long. 

     Another option is a quality leather boot. You can wear these boots with literally any outfit, and they always look amazing. Add them to your favorite jeans for an instant going-out look or dress them down with a fun summer dress. They’re comfy and stylish, the perfect mix.

7 Easy Fashion Tips for Moms
image from Pexel.com

3. Upgraded Bags

     If you’re lugging around an unsightly diaper bag, it’s easy to feel like you’ve given up all hope of ever looking stylish again. Luckily, women have so many options today for bringing what they need without looking like a grandma going to a thrift store. 

     Choose a modern bag that doesn’t look like something out of a children’s cartoon. Some large totes are even so stylish you can wear them as a purse. Gone are the days of ugly, childish diaper bags.

4. Layer

     Did you know fashion stylists layer models so they always look fashionable? It’s a simple trick, but it’s effective. You can use this trick yourself by layering your favorite styles to create something completely new. 

     This can be as simple as wearing a plain t-shirt with your favorite cardigan or sweater over it. Or, for some flirty fun, let your lacy tank top make an appearance under your button-down shirt. These small details make everything so much more fashionable.

5. Makeup Routine

     If you don’t have time for makeup in the mornings, that’s not a problem. Not all women choose to wear makeup and that’s great. If you do wish you had time to get the basics done, however, maybe simplify your routine. 

     Don’t listen to the beauty gurus. You don’t really need to spend 20+ minutes every morning perfectly highlighting and contouring your face. Well, unless you want to! Instead, stick to the basics. A tinted moisturizer, concealer, eyeliner, and mascara work wonders and can be done in under 5 minutes. 

7 Easy Fashion Tips for Moms
image from Pexel.com

6. Simplify

     Do you ever feel like you can’t wear the same clothes too often or someone will call you the dreaded “outfit repeater?” If so, it’s time to simplify your wardrobe. If you wear a bright red dress several times a week, someone probably will catch on that you’re wearing it. 

      If you simplify your wardrobe with some basic neutral colors, you’ll be amazed by how much more wearability you get from your wardrobe. Load up on solid colors, classic prints, and easy to match clothes that you can wear again and again.

7. Black Blazer

     Finally, the last fashion tip for moms is to invest in a black blazer. These blazers are oh-so-in this season, and they look very professional. You can rock them in the boardroom for a dose of confidence, or even over a fun blouse for brunch with your girlfriends. A black blazer is an easy way to transform your look no matter what you’re doing. 

     As a mom, you really do it all. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to keep up with the latest trends off the runway if that’s not something you have time for. Even small things can make you look better and feel better on a daily basis. It’s all about finding what you’re comfortable with and styles that excite you.

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