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Thursday, July 19, 2018

     Strong, independent, determined- three characteristics that parents want to hone their children these days. In the age of modern technology, I noticed that kids these days can't last a day without using their gadgets.

     I'm guilty of this because my son uses his iPad every day and when I try to lessen his gadget time, he will say that he's already bored. We cannot blame technology for this and as parents, all we can do is to set limits and teach important things in life that will bring out the best in them in the future. So how to inculcate this to them in an enjoyable way? Read more below :)

     I was cleaning our room last week and found Moana and Pua plushies inside our stuff toy cabinet.
Moana's movie flashed back in my mind and reminded me of the values that children may learn from this brave little girl. Disney movies teach important life lessons in a fun and magical way that's why I encourage my son to watch one Disney movie at a time.

Moana at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
Pua and Moana

     What's with Moana and the life lessons that we'll learn from her? Three F's: Family is important, Failure is a part of life and Follow your dream. 

1. Family is important

     The basic unit of the society. This is the foundation of a child's life. It's in the family where each of the members learns values, feel loved and secured, and develop a sense of belongingness. Moana's brave character was shaped because of love. She is out to help her people and her biggest supporter is her grandmother.

     Moana's grandmother loves her so much and the love that holds their hearts became the foundation of Moana's character. I always tell my son that family first no matter what. If there's love, unity, and happiness in the family, the child will grow with respect not only to the elderly but to each and every individual.

2. Failure is a part of life

     Moana faced a lot of obstacles and failures in her journey. But because of the desire to save her people, she did not give up and just continue the journey. Nobody's perfect. There will be times that we will fail even if we did our best.

     I was checking Kenzo’s quizzes yesterday and saw that he failed in one of the subjects. I was not happy with what I saw because we reviewed the lesson well. Then suddenly, my son approached me and apologized for what happened. He explained to me that he got confused with the instructions and promised that he’ll do better in the next quiz. Moana’s story reminded me that failures will make you a better person. Instead of getting mad, I should encourage him to study hard and learn from his mistakes.

3. Follow your dream

     Moana struggles with the expectation of her father who is always in her heart. Sometimes, it's hard to balance things especially in the situation of what your parents want versus what you really want. For me, I'll be supportive of what my son wants to achieve or do. I'll be the mother who will always tell his son to "choose what makes you happy". I know it will be hard for me when the time comes that he needs to be on his own but because of the love, care, trust, and support that we are giving him,  he will always treasure the moments we had at home.

     I will let my son follow his dream and I'll always be here to support him anytime, anywhere. That's the Moana spirit- following your heart's desires.

Moana at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

     These life lessons from Moana teaches us to be strong, independent, and determined. Letting the kids learn these values in their early years will help build good character traits that will impact their happiness.

Moana at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
Say 'hi' to Moana

    Speaking of Moana, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort launched a first of its kind "Carnivale of Stars" in an all-new Moana themed atmosphere stage show. This brand-new offering has a rich line-up of excitement day and night. If you're planning to visit Hong Kong Disneyland Resort this year, hurry up because this seasonal show is until September only.

Moana: A Homecoming Celebration at Adventureland

     The Karibuni Marketplace and live Moana atmosphere stage show to debut here. The first attraction of the resort's current multi-year expansion, the new lively atmosphere stage show, "Moana: A Homecoming Celebration," which was launched last May 25 in an entirely new exotic outdoor venue, Jungle Junction, in Adventureland. The heroine of the popular animated film, Moana, will invite guests to join her adventure in a 20-minute live show rich with inspirational music, dance, puppetry and immersive storytelling. Guests will be invited to participate and interact as Moana recounts her tale. Guests can also meet Moana in person, hear stories of her oceanic voyages, and share hugs and snapshots with her.

Moana at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

     Brand new experiences are set to launch in Adventureland, bringing even more magical moments to guests during the daytime. Karibuni Marketplace, which is next to Theater in the Wild in Adventureland, has already been launched to immerse guests in the lively colors, sights, and sounds of Africa. Guests can win an exclusive souvenir through interactive games such as Wheel of Fortune, Blongo Balls, Plinko, and savor various special snacks that are available only at this unique marketplace.

Moana and Pua Plushies

     Hong Kong Disneyland Resort offers over 100 exclusive memorabilia at the park and for the summer-themed season get this oh-so-cute Moana and Pua plushies. Moana tote bag, designed outfits, necklaces, and accessories are also available. If your daughter is a die-hard fan of Moana, be sure to get her this merchandise and I'm sure she'll love dressing up like the heroine.

Moana at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

     Yay! I'm so excited to share this news with my family and friends who are planning to visit Hong Kong Disneyland Resort next month. I'm sure the little girls will enjoy this summer offering and will beg you to get these exclusive Moana merchandises that you should not miss. As for the boys, they will also have a blast at the Pixar Water Play Stree Party and join Mr. and Mrs. Incredible from the Incredibles, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and their pals from Toy Story, along with other Disney Pixar stars in this water-based celebration. Together with more than 30 performers, they will ensure guests soak up a cool, water-filled summer celebration along Main Street, USA.

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  1. Favorite kong movie ang moana dahil madami syang lesson in life na kapupulutan ng araw especially sa mga kids natin. I love her personality.

    1. Hi Rojean,

      Thanks for sharing. Yay! Dami pala talaga may favorite kay Moana.

  2. I love Moana and she really is an inspiration to kids and grown ups as well. The Moana doll is so cute also I would love to have one even I'm a mom now.. Hehe.. 💕 heart's never grow old nmn. 😀

    1. Hi filipinas dava,

      Yay! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I agree! Hope this doll will be available here but unfortunately, sa Hong Kong Disneyland Resort lang available.

  3. That word" Choose what makes u happy"..
    4yr. old lang ang daughter q pero we always told her n kung saan sya masaya at ndi nmn mkakasama sa knya, daddy and mommy will support u. Dto kasi nagsstart ma build ung confidence nila, ung alam mong may sumosuporta s mga gngawa mo.
    Isa ang moana sa mga disney movie n tlga nmng kinagiliwan panuorin ng mga bata dahil sa musical at very colorful n journey nya to the ❤ of Te fiti.

    1. Hi Peachy,

      Thanks for agreeing on this. Thank you also for sharing your thoughts, I know your daughter will be happy knowing that her parents are always there for her no matter what.

  4. Super true kaya kung anong gusto ng mga anak natin support lagi tayo mga momshie👍👍❤❤❤

    1. Hi Divine,

      Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, support lagi sa mga anak natin for their future.


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