Tips For Finding More Free Time In Your Busy Life

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

     There is absolutely no doubt that most people live a hectic life. They work around the clock and return home to even more responsibilities. It can be very difficult for many to find free time. If you happen to fit into this category, you will agree that your life can feel overwhelming. The good news is that you can find more free time by altering your lifestyle just a bit. Within this guide, you will find tips for finding more free time in your day.

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Tips For Finding More Free Time In Your Busy Life

Use The Commute

     There is a good chance that you have to commute back and forth to work. If you do, you probably take public transportation. You should consider using this time to your advantage. While you’re riding on the train or bus, you could be working. You could assemble a report or speak with a colleague. Use the ride to work on emails or get organized. Doing this will free up a little bit of time when you finally make it home. If you drive yourself to work, this might not be such a good idea.

Turn Off The Phone

     Smartphones are great, but they can consume a significant amount of your time and energy. If you want more free time in your busy life, you really need to keep the phone turned off. Make sure that you switch it off at night. Do not turn it back on, until you’ve had breakfast. This might not seem like a big deal, but it will make a major difference. When your cellphone is off, you can bond with your loved ones. You may also be able to use the time to get things done.

Give It Up

     There is a possibility that you’ve taken on too many responsibilities. You have responsibilities at work, home and in your personal life. If you’re trying to do too much at once, there is a pretty good chance that your schedule is insane. Can you give up some of these responsibilities? Perhaps you don’t always need to cook for the family on the weekend? Order delivery and save yourself some time. Give up unnecessary responsibilities that are clogging up too much of your day.

Outsourcing It

     It is a real possibility that you might be able to outsource some of your responsibilities. If you need to mow the lawn or write an essay, you should think about letting someone else do it. I can always find someone to write my essay online and the prices are very reasonable. You can also find some kids in your neighborhood who will be happy to mow your lawn. Consider outsourcing as many activities as possible. Doing so will free up a significant amount of time in your own life.

Eliminate Distractions

     While you’re at it, you should think about reanalyzing your life. Do you have any distractions that can be eliminated? For instance, do you watch too much television when you’re at home? Or perhaps you spend too much time playing games on your smartphone? Do you receive too many visitors throughout the day? If you answered yes to one of these questions, you have too many distractions in your life. Make sure that you eliminate any and all distractions. In return, you’ll have far more free time to spend with your loved ones.

Check Your List

     Do you use a list or schedule to keep you on track? If you do, you might be able to use it to your advantage. Carefully check your list once again. Is there anything that can realistically be removed from your list? Can you cancel that meeting or ask someone else to finish that day’s work? Always be willing to challenge and change your list to free up time in your personal life.

Just Schedule Days Off

     Finally, you should think about scheduling days off of work. You probably already have vacation time and you should definitely use it to your advantage. Speak with your boss and schedule days off in advance. Taking days off will make a huge difference. You’ll finally have time to spend with your loved ones. Plus, you’ll feel refreshed and energized once you do return to work! With this in mind, you should try to take a day off every other month or so.


  1. Thanks Kath for that Great Insight.

    Really life can be overwhelming when there is no leisure time.

    Thoughtful and practical points there, especially giving it up and switch off the phone.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      You're welcome :) Thanks also for sharing your thoughts.


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