How to Care for Your Hair Extensions

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

     The beauty of hair is that it is so versatile: keep it long, short, dark or blonde or bright pink. Your hair should express who you are and your own self-confidence. Sometimes you just want more hair, and the addition of hair extensions will do the trick. However, quality hair extensions will cost you a hefty salon visit – it is crucial that you take care of your extensions post-salon to help them last.

How to Care for Your Hair Extensions

Caring for Real Hair Extensions

     When you’ve had extensions put into your hair, taking care of them is a top priority. Remember that the natural oils of your hair will not reach the tips of your hair extensions, so make sure that you use natural products that avoid harmful, drying chemicals and hydrate all your hair. Brush your hair thoroughly each day and use gentle oils.

     With real hair extensions, do not head to bed with wet hair. It is ideal to dry your hair fist and twist it into a simple braid (or pigtails) while you sleep. This will help you to avoid any pulling or tugging, and it should be brushed gently and detangled before any current damage worsens. During the summer, avoid saltwater (especially at the beach); if you cannot, there are shampoos to eliminate chlorine damage and odor.

Caring for Synthetic Hair Extensions

     Unlike real hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions grow dull rather quickly. If synthetic hair extensions are high quality, they can be easily styled with heat, but the use of heat should be minimal to avoid melting. When you wash hair with synthetic extensions, make sure you use a special shampoo for such extensions; tangles can be removed effortlessly with a wide tooth comb. There are also special combs for faux hair extensions to avoid damage.

Type of Hair Extensions

     Whether you choose real or faux hair extensions, you can have either clip-in extensions or a more permanent option. Clip-ins are obviously made to be more temporary, so these are not washed or styled as often as a more permanent option. These can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months, so it is more important to take care of permanent hair extensions to preserve their shine and durability.

Do Not Set and Forget

     After you’ve been to the salon for a few inches of gorgeous, high-quality hair extensions, do not forget it as a part of your natural hair. Even though you can normally shampoo and condition real hair extensions, pay special attention to your roots. The more conditioned they are, the better. You’ll still need to check on your hair extensions regularly, even the best quality hair extensions, such as those over at

How to Care for Your Hair Extensions

     You’ll want to keep track of when you have your extensions put in because they do have an expiration date. While some may last up to three months, they should be removed around 10 weeks to avoid damage. Your hair may become matted and damaged, and this will be difficult to fix if gone unchecked.

     It is not a low-key effort to get high-quality hair extensions put into your hair, so it is important that you take your stylist’s advice seriously and take care of them.

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