Feature: Kiss Instawave Curler and Wet Brush

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

     I was born with straight hair and I thank my genes for that because I don't need to have it rebonded. Some girls said that I'm lucky because of my typically long and straight locks. But there were times that I find it boring especially when I'll be attending an event and sporting gorgeous curls will complete the outfit.

     To shake things up a little, I always color my hair. It's already a monthly or quarterly routine. But there were times that I really wanted to style my hair with a curl or perm and the solution is to go to a reputable salon to achieve it. A trip to a salon will always cost time and money-- but what if I could only spend once and take care of my curling problems on my own? I already have an answer, scroll down below to know!

Feature: Kiss Instawave Curler and Wet Brush 

Kiss Instawave Curler and Wet Brush Launch

     I was invited to the launch of Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler and Wet Brush that was held at the Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS). The launch introduced two revolutionary hair tools that will bid hair problems goodbye: the Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler and Wet Brush.

Feature: Kiss Instawave Curler and Wet Brush 

     During the event, Lourd Ramos- the creative director of Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon explained and demonstrated how Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler works. The Kiss InstaWave is basically your newest best friend when it comes to curling your hair. It's easy to use and made of great quality.

Feature: Kiss Instawave Curler and Wet Brush 
Big curls demo using Kiss InstaWave Curler

Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler
  • A fully automatic ceramic curler that heats up fast yet is gentle on the hair thanks to the advanced hair technology of the product. 
  • At a push of a button, you can get salon-quality, tangle-free curls or waves. 
  • The Kiss Instawave is light and easy to carry around for any on-the-go curling needs. 
  • You only need 8 seconds to have a section of your hair curled. 
  • Kiss Instawave is now available in selected Watsons stores and SM Department Stores nationwide. 

Feature: Kiss Instawave Curler and Wet Brush 

     At the event, I tried using the curler. At first, I was nervous and in my mind what if I get my hair stuck while the curler is doing its work. Or what if my hair gets burned in the process. Thankfully, someone helped me curled my hair in an instant. 

Feature: Kiss Instawave Curler and Wet Brush
     Thanks to Kristel of Beauty by Tellie blog. She made this gorgeous big curls in no time. I have a thin and limp hair and I guess that's the reason why we didn't have a hard time using the curler.

Feature: Kiss Instawave Curler and Wet Brush 
After, see the big curls?

     Another hair styling product that was introduced to us was the Wet Brush. Who here struggles to comb and detangle their hair after taking a bath or when it was wind struck? It's a pain to remove tangles, right? But there's a solution and these combs that come in different variants will solve that- enter Wet Brush!!!

Feature: Kiss Instawave Curler and Wet Brush 

Wet Brush
  • A tool to achieve healthy hair without tugging and pulling? 
  • A tool that sells 28 brushes per minute worldwide and assures to make brushing a breeze. 
  • This revolutionary tool is available in 70 countries worldwide
  • Known for its Intelliflex bristles paired with soft tips – it knows when to flex and when to be firm. The wet brush promises no pulling, no tugging, no breakage, no pain. 
  • It leaves your hair on your head and not on the brush. 
  • It glides through wet hair effortlessly. 
  • It's available in different variants for different hair combing needs. There's one for styling, another for after bath combing, and for stimulating the scalp to produce oil to give your hair the shine it needs naturally.
  • Available in selected Watsons and SM Department stores nationwide.
  • Price ranges from P399-699.

Feature: Kiss Instawave Curler and Wet Brush 

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  1. wow ang astig. ok din yan kasi no need ng pakulot. isa ang curler na pinag iipunan ko �� thanks for sharing this��

    1. Hi Lovell,

      Yes, ganda diba? Need mag-invest sa ganitong hair care products :)

  2. Oh my gosh I need both of these immediately. My oldest daughter has straight hair that is super hard to curl. Luckily it will now hold a bit of a curl but when she was little it would not. It was the weirdest thing to me because I have curly hair that is always curly. But we should try to curl with a curling iron and the curl fell right out. I think I have come to understand that when she was small her hair was a bit finer and it was always super clean. Super clean hair has a bit more of an issue maintaining the curl I think. Anyways this looks awesome and I need that brush so badly. My hair is curly tangly and I struggle finding the right brush and the right conditioner too. Great information.

    1. Hi Paula,

      Yay! You need this in your life now. I hope get one asap and have a great hair day.

  3. Heard a lot of positive sides about Wet brush. Now it's time to try it.

    1. Hi Willian,

      Thanks and hope you have tried it already.


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