The Perks That Come with Wearing a High-Waisted Bikini

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

      It all started with high-waisted skirts. Women fell in love with the new fashion trend that made them look stylish, made them feel comfortable and most importantly, made them appear slimmer without having to wear Spanx or tuck their tummies in. Then came the high-waisted pants. They made the same effect on women, especially those who prefer pants over skirts. It was only natural that this trend progresses to swimwear as well. Thus, high-waisted bikinis appeared.

The Perks That Come with Wearing a High-Waisted Bikini

     Certain women shy away from revealing clothes so the thought of having to wear a swimsuit makes them feel frustrated. Other women would get frustrated by not liking what they see in a mirror when putting on a swimsuit. Luckily for all women out there, designers have taken notice of these frustrations and designed modern bikinis with a retro twist.
     Higher-waisted bikinis have brought back the fun and excitement into going on a vacation and shopping for swimsuits. When wearing them, women of all body shapes and sizes look amazing. The following article will detail all the perks that come with this bikini style that will make you type ‘shop high waist bikinis online’ before you even finish reading it.

The Perks
  • There are a lot of perks that come with wearing high-waisted bikinis:
  • It looks figure flattering on everyone
  • It makes you feel more confident
  • It makes you feel less self-conscious
  • It saves you from the embarrassment of ‘mooning’ people while getting out of the water
  • It lets you choose which area of your body you want to emphasize
  • It lets you express your unique style
  • Figure Flattering and Comfortable Fit

     High-waisted bikinis are made out of stretchable material that will offer a more flattering and comfortable fit while enabling your body to breathe. When choosing the material, search for thicker textiles since they will hold everything in place better.

     Here we need to stress one important thing. Make sure to buy the right bikini size. This type of bikini emphasizes your bottom area so you don’t want it to look saggy, especially when wet, if you opt for a bigger size.

Draw Attention to Where You Want

     High-waisted bikini bottoms will draw attention to the waist, not the hips. So, if wide hips are your problematic area, choose the style of your bottom carefully. Avoid peplum style or any kind of ruching.

Stylish Designs

     Due to the enormous popularity of high-waisted bikinis, they can now be purchased in a plethora of varied designs and colors - from animal prints, stripes, polka dots, floral patterns to solid colors; you name it. Use that to your advantage when selecting a bikini that’s right for you. Choose a design that will hide the imperfections you might actually have or think that you have. For example, if you want to cover your tummy, opt for a peplum style high-waisted bikini.

Full Coverage

The Perks That Come with Wearing a High-Waisted Bikini

     High-waisted bikinis will enable you to hide all your insecurities regarding your body. You will be able to hide your love handles, your tummy, your hips, etc. Because of the additional coverage, you will be more protected from possible infections you might get while swimming. Also, you won’t have to be careful every time you get out of the water so as to not show more skin than you planned. A high-waisted bikini will always be where it’s supposed to be. 

Be Seen

     This summer might be the summer you’ll actually be excited to shop for bikinis and actually wear them! Bear in mind tough, that even though you’ve made your choice according to the parameters we’ve outlined, you need to think of other factors as well. Make sure your swimwear is in accordance to your hairstyle and your personality. Accessorize your swimwear with a necklace or an eye-catching handcuff. The final task at hand is to show off your glamorous and stylish look with confidence.

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