Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

     The last time I had my hair colored from a reputable salon was last December 2016. It took almost a year before I decided to say 'yes' for another hair coloring sesh from a known hair salon because of availability and accessibility. 

     I've been itching to color my hair last month using DIY color but decided to postpone it because the shade that I want is not available at Watsons. I think the heavens heard my plea last week. I know it's time to refresh my hair color because the roots are showing up and the ends are breaking. Hooray for a day of pampering and 'me' time at Status Hair Salon Maginhawa branch. Aside from hair color, they also treated me to a hair treatment, manicure, and pedicure services. Highlights of my visit below :)

Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa
Status Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch is a franchise, FYI

Status Hair Salon 
Created in 2011, Status Hair Salon came into being when sisters Robina and Roseann Ko set up their first hair care establishment in Robinsons Galleria. Wanting to create their own, unique brand, the two set out to build the salon with a vision of providing services in line with the highest international standards. 
Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa
Thank you, Divine :)
A modern salon that caters to a young, hip, trendy, and upwardly mobile market, Status Salon provides one of the widest selection of beauty services for clients who want international quality looks while on a reasonable budget. From classic cuts to modern trends, our team of professional-educated internationally-trained service, well providers will work with you to give you the style you’ve always wanted.
Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa

     The first thing I noticed in this branch was the theme- candy colored walls accents and accessories, to compliment the minimalist space. It has a 'happy and positive vibe' atmosphere. Upon entering the salon, a clean, well-lit, and spacious place welcomed me. It's very organized. The hair services area is one the left while the foot spa and nail care services at the other side.

Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa

     I was the first customer that day. Rica, one of the nail attendants offered a glass of iced tea which is a complimentary drink for every customer. While waiting for my stylist, I've decided to have my manicure and pedicure first. I'm a self-confessed OC person that's why when I saw the nail care essentials in an organized tray, I took a photo of it. I've read a lot of horror stories of women who had their mani-pedi gone wrong because of unsanitized tools but in this salon, you don't have to worry :) 

Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa

     Their nail polish brands include Orly and Ten Ten (Thailand brand). Like the usual procedure, my nails were cleaned starting from removing the cuticle and dead skin, polishing the surface, trimming the nails to my desired length and shape, and painting. I also enjoyed their quick dry spray. First time to try that kind of quick dry and I'm impressed! 

Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa
Nail polish brands are Orly and Ten Ten. Choose from different colors

Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa
From manicure to pedicure, Rica surely knows how to handle my thin and delicate skin. I love my Korean-inspired nail polish colors

     Ms. Divine was the senior stylist who assessed my hair and based on the photo that I showed her, she suggested to have a toned down version instead. I wanted to have an ash blonde hair but again I need to have a full bleach if I want to achieve the true color. So I listened to her and told her that I'm okay with Intense Ash Brown color. A mix or three colors because I already have hi lights, to begin with, that's why the result is beautiful :) 

Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa
L- My old hair color R- After assessment and preparation for the color

Hair color details:
Brand used: Botanique Spa Low Ammonia Color
Shade: Intense Ash Brown (specialized color created by the senior stylist- Divine)
Treatment: Hydrating Treatment

Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa

     See Ms. Divine in action and doing magic in my hair. Hahaha! She was assisted by JR, one of the staff which I commend. Anyhoo, Status Salon Maginhawa has kind, approachable, caring, and super 'malambing' staffs. I felt well taken care of during my visit. 

Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa
Hello, Ms. Divine and JR :)
     After roughly two hours, here's my newly colored hair- it's still dark in the photos but the hilights are already showing. After five or more washes, the true color of my hair will be obvious in photos. I'm posting a selfie of my hair in my Instagram account @kathneko after a week so stay tuned :)

Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa

     I had no bad reaction, allergies or whatsoever from the hair color that was used. The brand doesn't sting nor gave me a nauseous feeling because of the low ammonia content. Hair treatment is really important after hair coloring to combat dryness and give shine and health to your hair.

Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa

Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's Hair Coloring Tips (posted this in my past hair salon features and reviews)
  • Know your hair type and hair condition.
  • Always ask the stylist and discuss with him/her what your heart desires. If he/she opposed to the color you want to achieve, listen. He/she can give you other options and will assess your hair first before proceeding to the next step.
  • Your hairstylist have gone years of training so I presume he/she knows the basics of hair coloring- the type of hair color that will be used, the reactions of the new hair color shade on your current hair condition/color and the post-color results "after a day/a week" if the color will turn copper, ashy and the like after shampooing and using other hair care products at home.
  • Weigh the consequences of your chosen hair color. Consider your face shape, skin tone, other issues and the maintenance after coloring your hair.
  • If you're really 100% sure that you want to BLEACH your hair, go for it because that's the only way to achieve the color that you really want BUT expect negative side effects of bleaching.
  • Talk to the stylist during hair color application so that you know what's  going on. You can say stop if you see that your hair color is turning out different or you're experiencing allergic reactions to the chemicals being applied on your hair. 
  • Remember it's a two-way relationship. You have to talk to your stylist and discuss the things/ the color you want to achieve. 
  • Use post hair color care products like shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair if you want to maintain the color for weeks or months from fading. 

Feature: Status Hair Salon Maginhawa
Status Hair Salon Services and Rates

     Thank you so much, Status Hair Salon Maginhawa for pampering me from head to toe! The hair color, treatment, and manicure-pedicure services are the best. Super lambing and nice the staffs- Ms. Divine (Senior Hairstylist), JR (assistant), and Rica (nail attendant). I will definitely recommend Status Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch. One of the best salons I've been to in the Metro. They have affordable prices and instagrammable place too

Book your appointment now! 
Status Salon Maginhawa is located at 140 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village
Quezon City, Philippines (infront of Empire Fashion Cafe)
Open from Monday-Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
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  1. Hi! How much po lahat ng expenses nyo for your hair?

    1. Hi,

      For the length of my hair, more than 5k. Kindly visit their FB page for more information.


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