Magnolia Chicken #PambansangManok

Friday, July 21, 2017

     Can you guess who cooks in our house? Nah, not me! It's the hubby :) He's in-charge in the kitchen and cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I know, I'm lucky but that doesn't mean I don't know how to cook. Of course, I know the basics- boil, fry, and simmer. The hubby is the one who taught me my first chicken recipe- Tinolang Manok.

     This Filipino dish is loved by many. One of the comfort foods that Filipinos love to eat especially during the rainy season. The soup warms the tummy and the chicken together with green papaya or chayote is filling. If your family loves to eat chicken, be sure to get the brand that's known for years like Magnolia Chicken. More details on their newest commercial after the jump :)

Magnolia Chicken #PambansangManok

     Last Monday, we received 5 whole chickens from Magnolia. The hubby was so excited to cook for us the usual Tinolang Manok, but told I him to make Chicken Curry instead because I'm craving for something creamy and spicy. It's his first time to cook Chicken Curry and I must admit it's super yummy!!! I think fresh ingredients are key to making a simple recipe a delightful one.

Magnolia Chicken #PambansangManok
Chicken Curry

     Magnolia Whole Chicken is fresh and juicy that's why the Chicken Curry is oh so yummy! It's also free from anitibitotic promotants, rich in Omega-3, free from hormones and steroids and grown in stress-free environments. My apologies, no preparation photos, ingredients, and the actual recipe for hubby's chicken curry. I was doing errands while he was cooking the dish.

Magnolia Chicken #PambansangManok

     For many years, Magnolia Chicken is serving Filipinos fresh chicken perfect for the whole family. They've been producing chicken since time immemorial until now they're here serving the millennials. Have you seen the giant billboards of Magnolia Chicken along EDSA? If not, kindly watch this video and discover why Magnolia Chicken is the one and only Pambansang Manok :)

What are your favorite chicken recipes? Share them in the comment section below :)

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